Jack of all Trades – 3


It’s now evening. I think I’ll rest soon. But I only have the billhook and stick with me. It was likely that other monsters would become active once the sun had set. Well, I would have to do something then…


Actually, I really only had one option. I could still see the forest from the corner of my vision. I could climb one of those trees. As far I as I could tell, that was the only place that would be safe. All things considered, I didn’t really want to go back in there, but it wasn’t as if I could just roll around in the plains and wait for morning either. I wouldn’t even survive until morning if I did that.


I was quick to move once I’d decided. The trick was to be fast with everything. I run back to the forest. After looking around to make sure there were no goblins, I start to cut at the vines that wrapped around the trees. Once there was enough, I picked up a random rock and folded it into my clothes before wrapping the vines around my body. The vines were also used to wrap the stick and billhook to my body. Now I just needed to find a partner to spend the night with.


The ideal tree would be along the border of the plains and the forest, with good height and strong branches.

I searched a bit before finally finding one. Damn, it was already getting dark. I frantically climb up the tree.

It was something that I was very good at since childhood. And so there was no slipping off before I reached the branch of my choice.


Then I take off the vines and rock that were used to carefully wrap my body with. I struck at the tree with the billhook to hold it and sandwiched the stick between the tree and my back. The rock was held between my thighs as I twist and braided the vines. I was turning them into a nature-made rope. Even if you didn’t feel like one would be reliable enough, combining three would result in something incredibly tough. I fasten the rock to one end of the rope and I’m all set to go. I throw the rock to the side with as much force as I can muster. The rope wraps around the tree before swinging back to me.


Good! Success! Now I just needed to tie it and I would be fixed to the tree without any fear of falling!


After moving from side to side to make sure that the rope won’t come loose, I can finally sigh in relief. My surroundings were now completely covered in darkness. I couldn’t see anything.


And then I remember something. Everything that happened today. Encountering the robber, being murdered, waking up in another world. One moment I think that I’m victorious against a goblin, only to run into a whole herd. So I painted myself with dirt and ran. And after so much walking I ended up in this tree.


Damn, this was no joke. Weren’t these transporting to another world stories supposed to be about cheating and more cheating and building harems for no reason at all? And here I am in this miserable state. Poor me.




But, things were only getting started. Surely things would turn around once I reached a town. This was another world, it would be a waste to not enjoy it.

With that hope in my chest, I gazed up at the eastern sky and spent my first night in another world on the top of this tree.


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  1. “and more cheating and building harems for no reason at all?”

    How dare he! All of them build harems and most for similar reason…

    • In fairness, there is an easy way to allow “game elements.” Simply make it a “realistic” fantasy world with steady continuous growth, but have appraisal magic be a form of low end divine magic (magic that functions via divine power/knowledge, and thus the user doesn’t need to know how it works) which displays numerical information about stuff when used, rounding values of things to some degree (such as any sort of “level” stat).

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