Jack of all Trades – 32


“In terms of imagining. It’s perfect.”

“So the real issue is being able to put it into practice where it counts, eh?”

“You will become a good warrior once you have enough experience to be able to use magic immediately whenever it is necessary.”

Master Daniela’s words of praise made me quite happy. I had been labeled as something dishonorable for having the Jack of all Trades, Master of None skill, but at the end of the day, I would be able to do anything if I practiced enough.

After that, we talked endlessly about inconsequential things like, ‘that street stall has very good food,’ or ‘that weapon shop has terrible quality.’

□ □ □ □

In the end, it took two whole days for the rain to let up. Currently, Daniela and I were walking down a muddy path through the forest. The sun was warm and dry, but the ground was terrible. I couldn’t help but frown as my boots were covered in mud. Daniela, for her part was accustomed to bad weather and did not seem to mind as she quickly made her way through the forest.

It was difficult having to run after her.

“I guess you’re too old have some fun in the mud?”

“Ah, but you really are of an adorable young age to me, Asagi.”

“Please stop that, madam.”
“Now you are just being hurtful.”

We bantered as she walked on ahead. I was starting to breathe heavily as I followed her, but she continued to move lightly through the trees. God, this was tough. I needed a rest.

I grumbled inwardly until Daniela suddenly stopped. For a second I thought she was being kind and considerate of me, but then I realize that I was wrong. We were suddenly surrounded by a tense atmosphere.

“The forest wolves.”

She whispers to me. I spread the range of presence detection and a sense that there were even more wolves deeper into the bushes.

“Beowulf’s relatives… I don’t really want to fight them.”

“Indeed. However, we may not have a choice.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I can sense something approaching. It seems that they had noticed us. We both draw our swords and wait. The trees and bushes rustle loudly and forest wolves slowly emerge. There are three of them. They stare us down without moving. And yet, there was no hostility in their stare, it seemed like they were only confirming something. Then suddenly, they looked in the direction of the bushes that they had appeared from, then they looked back to us before retracing the path that they had come. Was this…

“I think they want us to follow them.”
“It appears to be so… Well, I doubt it is a trap.”

I guess they were like Beowulf’s servants. He must have anticipated that we would visit him. We sheathed our weapons and followed after the forest wolves. I hated the splashing of the mud, but I would lose them if I cared about it now. It couldn’t be helped. Damn it.

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      • Dont know.
        This is what appears in NU:

        Cheats /Fantasy World /Game Elements /Level System /Magic /Male Protagonist /R-15 /Special Abilities/ Transported into Another World.

        But u know it does have elfs and an elf bride is the romance of almost every man moreover if they don’t end up together i swear to drop this.

  1. It’s nice that the protagonist isn’t some insta-OP protag, and has to put in some effort. That being said, it’s also frustrating how he knows he’s not perfect, but doesn’t always spend time trying to actively improve his own physical abilities beyond just running away.

    On the other hand, I suspect the magic practice he was doing was more or less a side-effect of Jack of All Trades; he can quickly create high power attacks based on a sufficient image, but the result is that it’s not lacking compared to when he would spend time putting into a more detailed image. In effect, like he assumed, his training is somewhat pointless as the cruder water ball was almost as potent as his in-depth water ball.

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