Jack of all Trades – 73


“Halt. Who are you?”

“I am from the Paw Armor Shop. I have come to deliver some clothes that were ordered.”

“I am Asagi, an Adventurer.”

“Daniela, same as him.”


Well, this was new. Usually, the guards would be more helpful as I rolled in through the gates at top speed. Until now, I had felt very close to people of this occupation. But there was no danger at our heels this time, and instead, he looked at us suspiciously. It made me feel quite foreign again.


“I will have to inspect your belongings. Get out of the carriage and wait by the wall. Men!”


He shouted and a few others came running our way. Now they were going through all of the baggage in the carriage. We obediently waited by the wall and watched all of this happen. But it really was only clothes, and so they finished without finding anything that could cause trouble. Yes, this trip had ended good and peaceful for once.


“We have finished our inspection. You have traveled a long way. Welcome to Alessa!”


After hearing that the inspection was finished, the captain smiled and had the gates opened for us. The heavy doors creaked as both sides slowly cracked open. I stared at it dumbly like the country bumpkin that I was. And then something touched my butt.


“How long are you going to stare at it? Do you want to be left behind?”

“Don’t touch my ass though, not the ass.”


I chased after Daniela and her evil laugh as she went ran on ahead. And that is how we arrived at this mining town, Alessa.


□   □   □   □


As it was a mining town, there were rails laid out all over the place. They were for the rail cars that carried the ore. But there were no proper crossings, which seemed a little dangerous. But then again, these cars were being pushed by people. And it wasn’t likely they would run me over.

Most of the town stretched upwards. Stairs, ladders, buildings. The houses went higher and higher up the mountain. While it strained your neck, the sight was impressive. Still hurt though. Pillars of smoke rose from different houses, which we were told, were mostly blacksmiths. It seemed very efficient to be able to immediately turn the mined ore into weapons. A mining town was a blacksmith town.

As Nick had to deliver the clothes, we immediately parted ways after entering the town. This seemed like a big place, but it really wasn’t. We would likely bump into each other again.


“Hmm, we arrived peacefully in the town this time. Which means there is no one to introduce us to an inn. What should we do?”

“That is true… I am very disappointed that your penchant for getting involved in incidents has become useless here. We will just have to ask around, I think.”

“It is with great regret, but we have no choice. No, this is actually the norm. Don’t depend on my attributes too much, Daniela.”


We tried to sound smart while having the dumbest conversation. We were searching for a bar. Surely there would be bars in a mining town. We really should have asked Nick. But it’s too late now. I’ll just think of this as part of the charm of traveling.

We wandered around, looking for a building that looked like they would serve alcohol, but it was proving difficult. Finally, we caught someone related to the mines and asked for directions. And so we were eventually able to arrive at a bar. We didn’t ask the person about an inn. Why? Because there is a reason to ask such questions at a bar. Daniela, of course, had a desire to go asking at a bar. It was written all over her face, and so there was no problem there.

On the way, we saw a group of mining slaves holding pickaxes. A few looked towards me…their hair and beards were grown out. Their skin was covered in sand and dust, making it hard to distinguish their faces. I could not tell if any of them were those damned Adventurers.




The owner looked at us with suspicion. There were a few other customers in the dimly lit room. There were also prostitutes here, while there had not been any in the bars of Fhiraldo and Spiris. Their dresses amplified their breasts. It was quite wonderful. Even their skirts had a high slit running up it that offered a good view of their legs. I stole a few glances before I felt Daniela’s hand on my butt again. I told you, not the ass!


“Two cups of wine and something light to eat.”


Daniela sat down at the counter and quickly made an order. We really just needed a drink, but that was never enough for her. I sighed and made my way to the counter to sit next to her. But then something pulled me from behind.



“Hello there, big guy. Why don’t you come and have a drink with me?”


The busty broad I had been looking at was tugging on my shirt.


“Er, I have business over there.”

“Ah, don’t be like that! I promise that you won’t regret it?”

“No, really. And you don’t want to see her when she’s angry. Excuse me…”


I quickly looked behind me and saw that Daniela was glaring over her shoulder. Damn, that was scary.


“Ah, oh well… if you say so…”


The busty broad was defeated by Daniela’s eyes, and her voice trembled as she let go of me.


“Sorry about it. I know it’s just your job…”

“You seem to have your hands quite full…but if you ever want a breather…”


We continued in hushed voices. Then Daniela coughed so loud that we both jumped. I was sharp enough to not miss witnessing the effect of gravity on her breasts when this happened, before making my way back to the counter where Daniela waited.

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  1. Thanks for the update..

    Haha for science please leave a report on the jiggling cause of gravity on those chest… For the advancement of science

  2. You can’t raise the issue of man-powered cart-pushing being safe enough to not need proper crossings when there are people out there who want to run you over with their carts even as a last act of defiance, lol.

  3. She is not a morning person. I would have whispered my room number and at break of dawn. Morally, I wouldn’t do this in real life but in that world customs and believes are different so I wouldn’t mind taking a breather if she willing to come at times my other girls aren’t available.

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