Jack of all Trades – 9

Adventuring shits. They came here to the bar when it was still midday and drank. I once asked when it was that they worked, and they said that they were drinking off the money made by other people. But that didn’t mean that they never worked. They were all a part of different parties. Or in other words, ‘Clans’ that they were registered to, and they took turns earning money. It was a set rule for them, which apparently prevented fights over ‘whose money’ was being spent. It was quite the gathering of bastards. All of them. I hated them.

“Those plants can be used for anything, and they’re quite handy to have.”

“We’re so blessed to have the Black Rabbit, with his fondness for leaves! Hahaha haha!!”

I had no intention of arguing with them, but the one-sided jabs did get on my nerves. But there was no point in firing back. I sighed once, then left the guild behind me.

I made my way towards the gathering area for the medicinal herbs that I always went to. This is the only quest I’ve been taking ever since becoming an adventurer. While it was rather boring, it was good for making money. But appearances clearly meant something here, and there were few people who accepted this quest. Except for ‘rocks’ like me.

However, this quest was really nothing more than an excuse to go to the forest. My real targets were the goblins. I saw that my level had increased by 10 when I had just checked my status. When I had turned level 6 and went to the Reward Counter, the friendly guild worker had asked me about my ‘level suddenly being higher?’ I just said then, that I encountered a goblin and had no choice but to fight. Goblin slaying was restricted to F Rank adventurers, so they would usually have been forbidden for G Rankers like me.

And so I used the medicine as an excuse to invade the forests. Of course, I gathered the herbs as well. And I was able to use the money that I made through it to buy some equipment. The armor was a used piece sold at the armor shop. My sword was a trial weapon made by the blacksmith’s apprentice and was very cheap. The old billhook was melted down and made into a short sword. With my sword and short sword in hand and the help of the unique skill ‘Jack of all Trades…’ I was a type two-handed fighter now.

“Ho Asagi. Are you going to the forest?”


He was standing right by the gate. I guess he was in charge of the south side today.

“I am. I’ll return before the sun sets.”

“Ah, you’ve walked through the hills. I’m sure you could handle the night?”

He gave a throaty laugh. I sighed.

“I don’t ever want to sleep in a tree again…”

“Hahaha! That story is a classic!”

A while ago, Russell had come to see how I was doing, during a dinner at the inn. It was then that I told him my entire story of coming to Fhiraldo, and apparently, the part about sleeping in a tree had amused him. He had laughed so hard that he had tears in his eyes. It was still laughter towards me, and yet it was one of the few moments where I felt a sense of comfort.

“Ugh… Anyway, I better get going.”

“Aye, you be careful!”

He slammed a palm into my back. The pain was a sign of trust. His attitude towards me had not changed even when seeing others ridicule me as the Black Rabbit. He was a good person. Maris, the innkeeper, was also a kind person who always had a smile when greeting me. She had even offered a fifty percent discount after a week had passed and I asked to extend my stay. Of course, I rejected her offer…

In any case, I was now heading for the forest. To raise my level as I gathered herbs.

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  1. At least he’s working to level up, bit by bit, in secret rather than spend another 10 chapters whining impotently about being made fun of until he gets aid from a future love interest in helping him level up. That’s rather refreshing, TBH. I just hope it continues, with him aiming high and proving he’s better without resorting to stupid taunts or underhanded/petty methods of revenge. Something along the lines of him eventually saving their asses or crushing them if they were planning to kill him while outside the city.

    • Agreed. It’s rather surprisingly not surprising that the Author didn’t pull the usual “Crushing the Newbie Crusher” trend. Somewhere deep in me, I kinda hoping he’d do that, but I know Asagi isn’t that kind of guy so he won’t. And it’s shocking just how come I could understand what kind of MC he is in only 9 chapters.

      So far, I still can’t see where will this series go to, and that is refreshing indeed.

      • He’d have to be OP to survive knocking down a drunken member of a “clan”
        Read gang instead of clan. If he picks a fight with one of the gang the whole gang is going to find him later to teach a lesson.
        Sucks to be him.
        But he’s being smart about his matters.
        Thanks for the chapter

  2. Thanks 4 the chapters!

    Someone laughing at your exploits in good humor and someone doing it out of malice is different after all. Though not everyone can tell the difference. It’s great that he can.

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