Jack of all Trades – 98


Oh? It was a woman’s voice. A woman Adventurer…how rare. Well, Daniela was one. But I hadn’t seen many besides her. Curious. And so I turned my head towards that voice and our eyes met. …And then I realized how awkward it was, and so I averted my gaze.


“Hey! You, I mean you! Are you stupid!?”


The insults poured as soon as I looked away. Damn…I would be scared if that was directed at me. But no one would do that just because you met their eyes. But who then? Who was this unfortunate person she was angry with?

I looked around to see, only to find that everyone was looking at me. What?


“Quit looking around!”



The sudden shouting was much closer now. I turned around frantically, just as the woman grabbed me by the collar.


Apparently, the unlucky guy who had attracted her ire was me.


“Wh-what’s this…that…hurts…could you stop that…”

“What is this! You are covered in blood! It reeks!”

“I see your point, but I can’t…”


This is what happens when you hunt bandits. We didn’t have time to do any laundry. We would just have to do it once we found an inn. It’s not like I enjoyed having blood stains on me…


“What!? Just clean it with void magic!”

“Void magic?”


What’s that?


“You do not know what void magic is? Magic with no properties?”

“Ah, of course! I have heard of that.”

“If you know about it, you should use it! Are you stupid!?”


Her fist tightened. I looked over at Daniela. Master Daniela was my tutor in all things magic.


“Daniela, how do I use it?”

“It is not my area of expertise, so I do not really know.”

“So the both of you are useless then…?”


The Adventurer looked at us in disbelief. I felt that this was all a bit severe…




She let go of my collar and sighed before raising both hands at us and saying ‘cleaning.’ And what do you know, my bloody clothes regained their original freshness.


“…Woah, that’s amazing!”

“So you really are incompetent…? That is hard to believe…”


It was hard to believe. Hard to believe I had no idea of such a useful trick. I looked towards Daniela and she too looked surprised.


“Daniela, you could have told me about something so useful.”

“As I said, it is not my forte… My mother never had the chance to teach me.”


“No, it is nothing. You are not in the wrong.”


“Hehe. You worry too much, Asagi.”


Daniela slowly put a hand on my arm. The place she gently touched had been stained with blood a moment ago, but now it was clean. It had the luster of being brand new. Her hand was pretty too. It always was.


“Hey…quit fooling around…I will clobber you…”

“Ah, thanks for the cleaning.”

“Don’t thank me like none of that ever happened! You are welcome!”


This person had not stopped being angry for a second… Even Marie Elle seemed to be too scared to come out of the wagon. I’m not sure this was good for her education.


But looking at the Adventurer now, well, she was cute. She was wearing light armor. I had never actually seen the typical revealing fantasy armor or mini skirts here, which was too bad. That was the kind of equipment you wanted to see once in your life.

Daniela’s armor was pretty formal as well. Well, the design did emphasize her form, which was easy on the eyes. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want Daniela to wear bikini armor. If she did, I would have to use Legs of the Forest Wolf to crush every man’s eyes out in the area.


“And what are you looking at?”

“Uh, nothing much.”

“And what do you mean by that!?”


She just stayed angry no matter what you said… We were clean now, she should just go back to her place in the line.


“Hey, you. She called you ‘Asagi,’ is that your name?”

“It is…and you are?”

“Never mind that! …But, could you be the one they call Silvergreen?”



Damn it…so that embarrassing name had spread all the way over here as well…? Bordow had joked about making a report to the other guilds. Could that be the reason…?


“If you are ‘Silvergreen,’ then…you must be ‘Lightwind?’”

“The one and only.”


The one and only? She had even put on her mask to show off. But I could see from the side that her mouth was curled into a grin.

When Daniela readily admitted to being Lightwind, the people around us began to mutter. I could hear ‘Silvergreen’ and ‘Lightwind’ being repeated. I did not expect to be recognized here… I hate you. Bordow.


“Umm…I uh…”

“You what…?”
“Could I have…your autograph?”



I hated him so damn much.

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  1. I’m calling it, she’ll have him sign her cleavage to Daniela’s dismay just to find out it turns into a lesser enchant for legs of the forest wolf. lol j/k Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    • Eh, in chapter 15, after he met Daniela, she explained to him the differents types of magic that exists, and i quote: “A lack of color means a lack of the attributes. This is a kind of magical energy that everyone has”.

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