Realist Demon King – 42


After that, Jeanne’s subordinates looked exhausted.

Many of them were human, and they were not fit for prolonged battles.

And so they were called back and Hijikata’s team were sent out.

He led a team of werewolves, and their claws ripped through the waves of dead without mercy.

Zombie heads flew in the air and were crushed.

Skeletons shattered under a single blow.

And the werewolves weren’t the only monsters there. Hijikata was one himself.


“This blade has been thirsty for blood. –But then again, the undead do not even bleed.”


He joked to himself as he skillfully cut through the enemy ranks.


As he enjoyed the sensation of cutting through the zombies, he left the skeletons to the werewolves. That being said, he was not cruel.


Occasionally, he would spot a human mercenary who had been hired by Sharltar, and instead of killing them, he would cut off their hands.


“That’s what you get for lending a hand to evil.”


He said. Now that I think of it, he actually was kind of cruel.


But perhaps it was a kindness in a way, as we were on a battlefield where lives were easily taken.


Toshizou had no trouble cutting through the undead, but there were some enemies present that posed a challenge to his team.

Ghosts had entered the field.


His Izuminokami Kanesada blade could cut through them. Even the werewolf claws could. However, our orcs and goblins were powerless, which was a great disadvantage.


But we had a team of human sorcerers for such occasions.

These were the humans I had gathered together by posting signs around the city.


These people were able to banish ghosts with a single spell.


“Thank you, Master Demon King. That was very thoughtful of you.”


Toshizou said.

They were rather reliable, but they were no replacement for Jeanne or Toshizou.

While they had powerful magic, it was limited.

And the depletion of it was quick.

Toshizou also appeared to be tiring.

It was time for me to step out into the front lines.


Toshizou saw this and said,

“Now here comes the main attraction.”

And whistled.


“Shut up and rest. This will not be over until several days have passed.”


He looked quite disappointed by this, but it was true. It lasted for three days.


During those three days, I fought like a lion. Future historians would call me the ‘killer of the undead.’

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