Realist Demon King – 56


She was his subordinate and worked as one of his generals.

He would also spend time with her when he could and they would eat together.

He even began to help her learn to read.

When coming to this world, Jeanne had heard God’s voice.


‘Jeanne. Save this new world. Just like you saved France, save this world.’


It was that same voice.

The one she had heard when she was twelve years old back in her home.

God was telling her to serve the Demon King.

One of the few Demon Kings in this world who cared about justice.

He was a realist who spoke of Machiavellianism. But he was not cruel. He was calm.

She had been told to serve a Demon King with compassion.

And was told that his name would be Demon King Ashta.


Ever since she heard those words, Jeanne had traveled the world and searched for him.

But she could not find him.


That was no surprise.

After all, Demon King Ashta did not even exist in this world during that time.

Demon King Ashta had only been born a few months ago.

He was a newborn Demon King.

However, she had met him shortly after that. It really must have been God’s will.


She had gone to the abandoned castle and seen him.


She knew at first sight that he was the chosen one.


The one that God said would, ‘bring balance to good and evil.’


All of this came back to her now as she clutched the crucifix around her neck.


There were no crosses in this world.

And so she had made it herself out of wood.

It was crude and plain but felt warm when she held it.

Almost as if she were holding the hand of Ashta.

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