Ryusousha – 67


The Dragon Master who had found them would have had to have incredibly high scouting abilities.

You would really only be able to see a part of it from a certain angle.


“…Now, what kind of people will they be…”


I watched from the shadows.


There were six people inside the tent.

And since there were two guards keeping watch near a boulder, that meant there were eight in all.


They all wore gray robes. And I couldn’t see their faces.

They were just standing there silently. But they didn’t seem nervous.


I got the impression that they were used to waiting for long periods of time.

There was no need for idle talk or to kill time with some activity.


That was a sign of a strong enemy. However, I too was good at waiting.


After a while, they glanced at each other, and two of them left the tent.

The silence continued for a while. And then two others entered the tent.


“…It’s just the guards trading places.”


So there were six inside of the tent again.

Eight in all.


There were about sixty students from the academy.

And a number of Dragon Masters.


This was not a big enough number to take over the facility.

It was more likely that they’d creep in at night and try to assassinate us.

Or at least, that was the only thing that I could think of. Perhaps there were other ways.


It was difficult to attack Dragon Masters once they were riding their dragons.

The lodging facility was made to withstand the attacks of Moon Beasts and was built entirely of stone.


I didn’t think it would be possible for them to use destructive magic to bring it all down at once.

A full-frontal attack did not seem likely at all. It had to be an assassination.


“Then they won’t act for a while.”


It would be some time before everyone would be sleeping in their beds.

In fact, the Dragon Masters would be taking care of their dragons right about now.

They would be able to mount them immediately if they were attacked now.


So they wouldn’t move until at least midnight.


“Alright, I got some information. Might as well go back now.”


This information was only useful if I delivered it. There would be no point if I was discovered or caused them alarm.


On my way back, I went around and checked the surrounding area.

While it was all a wasteland, there was nothing in particular that drew my attention.



I suddenly sensed something in the grove that was near to the lodging facility.

When I searched inside, I found two more guards.


“So, they’re monitoring people who go in and out of the building.”


Christan had said that they hadn’t sent scouts out ever since they discovered the tent. And he had clearly made the right decision.

As they were monitoring us, they would have realized that we knew they were here and where they were.

So there were two guards by the rocky mountain and two in the grove. Four guards in all.


I had been able to count ten of them so far.


I would have to return. We could think of a plan after I’d made a report.

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