Shatei Kyokufuri – 2


‘Now, please choose one of these three starter jobs. Your job will affect your status, equippable items and the skills you can learn.’


A blue, semi-transparent window had popped up in front of me.

The words ‘Warrior,’ ‘Mage,’ and ‘Archer’ were displayed.


‘You will be able to freely change your job during the first three days. So please look for the job that suits you best. Furthermore, during this trial period, your starter equipment will auto-repair whenever it is broken. There is also no penalty for dying. You will be able to fight without worry of defeat.’


They were very thorough in how much they worried about beginners.

I guess it was because people quit over the smallest things.


‘That is the end of this introduction. From here, you can freely enjoy Next Stage Online. If you have any questions, please use the help feature.’


It was a good balance between being concerned, but not having a long tutorial.

Many free to play social games had long tutorials that would result in people uninstalling them. But this game had a monthly fee.


“So, where should I start?”


It didn’t feel unnatural to talk.

The way my throat vibrated and the movement of my tongue felt normal.


“I guess I should choose a job first.”


That being said, I already knew.

I would try ‘Warrior’!

With ‘One-handed sword’ and ‘Shield’!

The standard rpg stuff.

I would stand in the lead and protect the others while cutting my way through monsters.

Yes. I would look so cool.


“Now, let’s see what my stats look like.”


◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Warrior

Lv: 1/20

HP: 80/80

MP: 20/20

Attack: 22     

Defense: 16

Magic Attack: 2     

Magic Defense: 2

Speed: 8 

Spirit: 0

Skill: None


Huh. It was very clear what I was and wasn’t good at. That was great.

Those who were middling at everything were always the weakest.

I had everything a Warrior would need to be in the advance guard.


However, I didn’t know what ‘Spirit’ was.

And so I looked it up.


‘The ‘Spirit’ status is exclusive to the Warrior job. When your HP drops below a certain point, you receive an attack and defense boost. This boost is determined by your Spirit level and HP.’


That sounded pretty good.

The stalwart Warrior who stubbornly fights until the end. That was my idea of a Warrior.

As it was exclusive, that meant Mages and Archers had their own status as well.

I should find out what those are too…


“Um, excuse me.”


“Uh, are you talking to me?”




It was a group of three girls who were also wearing beginner armor.

Their characters were all very pretty, and I was taken aback.


“What do you want?”


“Um, you’re a beginner too…right?”


“Yes. I was just checking my status.”


“I knew it! In that case, why don’t you form a party with us? We want to go out and fight. And we thought that we might as well do it as a party of four.”


“I don’t mind. But why did you choose me?”


“You looked really cool and strong!”


Heh. So they knew…

Apparently, my capabilities were not something I could hide.

Well, I might just show them.

The true power of a former game developer…

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