Tensei Kenja – 20


After a few minutes, my slime and the local slime returned.

And just as they entered my vision, there was a ring and a window popped up.



‘Monster: You have tamed a Slime.’



Slimes were too easy…

They had no sense of caution at all.

…Well, at least I got the help of a local now.


“Hey, do you know about Dria flowers? They look like this.”


I said as I drew one in the dirt.

I was not very good at drawing, and so it looked a little deformed.

But hopefully, it was good enough.


‘I know that!’


…My prayers had been answered.


“Oh. Do you know where I can find them?”


‘They used to grow around here…’




What did it mean by that?


“Do you mean that there aren’t anymore?”


‘Yes. They are all gone now!’


…Damn it.

I came all this way here for nothing…?


If I remember correctly, if you fail a quest, there is a penalty and it becomes harder to raise your rank…?

That would be…very bad.


“Uh, do you know of any other places where they are growing?”


‘Hmmm…there were. But they are all gone now.’


…All gone.

Was this due to some king of abnormal weather?


As I considered this, another slime returned with another local slime.

From what I could see, it had already persuaded it, and the Taming finished just as it entered my sight.


…And like that, the easy slimes kept gathering around me one by one.

However, none of them knew where any Dria flowers were growing…


It was just as I was giving up when a certain new slime said something interesting.


‘Oh, I know the reason that there are no more Dria flowers!’


“…The reason?”


‘Yes! Should we go meet the Dryad?”



It sounded like Dria flower…so maybe this person was related to it somehow.

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