Tensei Kenja – 95


Slimes were already translucent, and they didn’t make any sound on top of being small.

So once I supported them with magic, their ability to stay hidden became quite incredible.


Normally, spying on the enemy’s actions in this situation would seem quite difficult—but it wasn’t the case when you had slimes.




And so the slimes split up.

I cast concealment magic on them so that they would stay hidden.

Furthermore, I took measures so that they wouldn’t be caught by any detection magic.


‘…Good. When I tell you to, I want you to get off of the Proud Wolf one by one.’




‘What should I do!?’


‘Proud Wolf, when I tell you to, you should slow down a little and stop near a random tree. We’ll pretend like we are resting.’




I decided to stop and pretend to take a rest.

Unless I was wrong, the enemy would also stop.


And when that happened, I would try and have the slimes get on the horse.

Slimes were able to stick to anything with a surface.


‘Good. Now, go!’


I said, and the slimes started to hop off of the Proud Wolf. Like this, a slime dropped off from the Proud Wolf after every few meters.


‘Proud Wolf, slow down! Do it slowly so it doesn’t look like we are frantic!’




I said, and the Proud Wolf started to lower his speed.

And then our pursuer also started to slow down.


–And when the Proud Wolf stopped completely, so did our pursuer.

There was about a distance of 2 kilometers between us. So it was highly unlikely that the enemy would think they were discovered.


However, my slimes were already at its feet.


‘We found the person chasing us!’

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  1. And the stalker’s identity is… Cliff-kun, why are you here again?
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

    • I read that first line, and my first thought was Cliff from Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, and I was like “Wait, he never stalked Yuna, did he?”

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