Two Saints – 56


“Maybe the last Saintess didn’t care about such things. But it’s really good.”

“Fried rice balls and rice soup.”

“Doria. Chicken and egg bowls. Beef bowls.”

“What’s all that? Do they all use rice?”


Kaider and Nyran asked.


“They do. It’s delicious!”

“Uh. I don’t want to go to the dungeons. We can go south and have Maki and Chiharu cook for us.”

“Saintess Cooking. That sounds good.”


They all started to think about the food that they liked.


Of course, none of them had any intention of running from their duties. Not these people.


“It’s only been two months since we came to this world.”

“And now we know that we don’t have to run away.”


Everyone had been kind in the dwarf lands. Even though they were humans, or boys, or young women. People were nice to them. It had nothing to do with being Saintesses.


“If you are talking about going somewhere, you cannot exclude us from it.”

“Sauro. Saikania!”

“Are you finally going to cross the ocean?”

“No, we aren’t. I don’t want to be carried for three hours!”


While their first meeting had been horrible, they were now very good friends with the birdfolk.


By the way, you’ll need to fly high or the merfolk will knock you down. Just like with the gazers.”


They also knew the merfolk. And the monsters.


Maki and Chiharu looked up at the sky.


They had really just been bearing it. They couldn’t understand why they had been brought here and it seemed unfair. Even though they were treated well, they couldn’t always accept it as it was.


But now they started to feel like they fitted in.


Good food, good drink, and pleasant companions. What else did you need in life? Maki and Chiharu took in a deep breath.


“Romance! It’s romance!”

“Romance! It’s romance!”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”


Kaider looked at them suspiciously, but they ignored him. In any case, they would go to the elf lands. To the south.


“Ah, Zynis.”

“I had forgotten.”


Or the beastkin lands? They wouldn’t run anymore. So where should they go to find more good food, good drink, and wonderful people? Under which sky would they go next?


The journey of two Saints who were forced to travel- no, the wandering journey of the two saintesses will continue.

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