Two Saints – 73


They would often travel to the elf lands and beast lands in order to fight in the dungeons. They even went to the human lands sometimes. It was obvious to them that they would meet different people in each place, and those places would have their own customs.


They were surprised that the Maki and Chiharu’s minds would go there after seeing how nice Tram was. In the first place, the inland people didn’t like non-humans. And yes, they didn’t use airships.


“The inland royals should send their princes and princesses to one of the other territories while they are still young.”


Chiharu suddenly said.


“Yes. Not just inland. Every country should do that.”

“You two…”


Kaider and Nyran were surprised. But Maki and Chiharu couldn’t understand why.


“In our country, even common people go abroad to study. Sometimes it’s only two weeks. But it could be for years.”

“Even more people go just to travel.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. Even if you’re young, you can still save up money to go abroad.”

“Your world seems very rich indeed.”


Kaider said.


“Well, some places were, some places weren’t.”


Maki said.


“I think one day, it will become the job of Saintesses to take people with them and travel around the world. And not in disguise.”

“We can be like tour conductors, Maki-chan.”

“We can be a Saintess Traveling Agency. No, Saintess Tourists? No, that sounds weird.”

“And so we need to travel a lot in preparation!”



Kaider and Nyran smiled at them.


“Uh, we should return to the inn soon.”


Kaider said. Nyran walked protectively behind the three of them as he thought to himself.


“A Saintess traveling agency… I never thought of anything besides killing monsters. But they are so quick to move to the next thing. Even crossing borders.”


Chiharu had been laughing about something when she turned around and looked at Nyran.


“Nyran! Hurry!”


She called. I’m not slow. I’m being cautious. He swallowed those words and quicked his pace just enough to catch up with them. In any case, there didn’t seem to be any reason to worry. Besides, he had rested on the ship, so he wouldn’t have much trouble guarding them at night.


The first day of the trip seemed like it would end peacefully. And so Nyran allowed himself to relax just a little.

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