Two Saints – 87


In other words, he was well aware that he was in a very ridiculous situation. And that made him a little frantic.


“I can only hope that Saia doesn’t get ahead of himself.”


He muttered. However, Amia had no way of knowing that it was much too later for that.


    ☆  ☆  ☆


“Norfe. Chouze!”


A voice called from the front of the carriage. Maki and Chiharu were still sitting in the back and enjoying the scenery. They replied just as loudly.



“What is it?”


Maki stood up on well-balanced feet. She passed through the other luggage in the back and stuck her head out by the driver’s seat.


“There are soldiers by the town’s exit. That’s very unusual.”


Aaron said. Maki stretched her neck and looked ahead.


“There really are. They’re checking each carriage too. But…”


She squinted.


“I don’t think it’s about searching for something? It’s probably just to keep dangerous people out. It should be fine.”


Maki said, as if it wasn’t a big deal. Aaron sighed.


“Look, we’re a group of people who are trying to sell oranges in a time like this. We look pretty suspicious. So, where’s this confidence even coming from?”

“Well, it’s not like we can do anything now. If we have no choice, then we should act boldly.”

“You’re not wrong…but. Hey, Edwy.”

“Yes, yes. What he’s trying to say, Maki, is that we should be careful.”

“I know that. We’ll be careful in the back.”

“Yes, please do.”


Maki returned to the back.


“Edwy. Be careful about how you talk.”

“That’s right. I will.”

“Now, we’re almost in Nelis. Once we get in, we’ll have to rent a room at an inn and then secure a spot in the market place.”


Chiharu was in the far back and dangling her feet carelessly. That being said, it was tough having to sit on a hard wooden board for such a long time. Sometimes, they walked next to the carriage or slept between the cargo. The road hadn’t been easy.


“We’re almost there.”

“Ultimately, we didn’t really learn anything other than that the princess went to the villa and they aren’t able to get fish from the lake anymore.”

“Princess. What a joke. It’s that little girl, right?”


Maki snorted. Chiharu chuckled but then remonstrated her.


“Don’t say that. If you really do just see her as a little girl, you should be nice.”

“Well, they really annoyed me.”

“I won’t argue with that. I’m still not sure why they treated us like enemies.”


Maki was a little exasperated that Chiharu didn’t seem to care much, in spite of all that had happened. Still, she continued.


“Really. And you know, they don’t actually contribute much money to the Saintess in the first place? While they will pay larger sums if the Saintess Palace needs some construction work or other such things, normally, most countries pay the same amount they would to a single knight.”

“Oh, that’s cheap. If a Saintess is purifying the land of miasma for the same salary as a knight, then I don’t know why they’re complaining. In fact, we’re doing it right now! It’s starting to annoy me.” 


Chiharu batted the air as if she could see the miasma around her. However, her body would suck it in regardless. Maki couldn’t help but laugh.


“Haha. It’s no use. Though, to be honest, the miasma here is just as thick as it was in the dwarf lands.”

“Yes. The magic gems are created very quickly.”


Chiharu touched her forehead and then her chest. This wasn’t for the royal family. They were doing it for everyone else. It couldn’t be helped. She would forget the pain that she had felt in her chest at that time. And like that, the carriage that carried the Saintesses, entered the town.

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