Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 5


Maki and Chiharu looked at one another. Nope. The bangs covered it. Maki then says to Chiharu:


“Okay, let’s raise our hair together now.”


“Go!” “Go!”








Before they knew it they were surrounded by the others, and their emotional exclamations. However, as for the two concerned…


“3 x 3 Eyes!*” “3 x 3 Eyes!*”


Can I please faint? Surely I should be allowed to lose consciousness at a time like this. Chiharu thought as she stared hard at Maki’s forehead. She could tell by Maki’s surprised expression that she had the same thing on her forehead too.


“No, now that I really look, that’s not an eye. It looks like a gem. Maybe an opal.”


Maki says. Chiharu tries touching her forehead. There really was something there. How had she not noticed until now? It was hard, whatever it was.


“We came to another world and turned into freaks…”


Maki says sadly. No, that’s not the worst of it Maki-chan! Now we’ll never get married. And I was only just dumped. I’ll never meet anyone now…


“How beautiful! Just like your predecessor, it suits you two very well.”


The chancellor says with a bright smile.


“And to think that it has grown so much in just one day. This is astounding.”


The king adds. Grown? It’s going to get bigger!?


“Chihaaaru, don’t look so surprised. I shall explain.”


The king says. And so the two face him and sit upright on the sofa.


“Sera, is this not the first time a Saintess has not fainted at this point?”

“Yes. If my memory serves correctly.”


But I did want to faint. Really.


“As Saintesses gather Miasma, a rainbow-colored gem is created on their foreheads. It will plop right off once it has grown a little larger.”


I almost fainted once again. From what I could feel, the thing was the size of my thumbnail. And that would just plop right off…


“Chiharu, be strong!”

“Ughh. Plop off…”

“It does make me wonder. Is there a dent after it comes off?”

“A den…”



“Chihaaru, it will not dent. Do not worry. They say that there is no pain as well. Once it is gone, your forehead will be normal again, before it slowly generates a new gem. Your predecessor only made one gem a year by the end.”


Right, one a year.


“And at first?”

“Well that is, um…”


The king’s eyes swam awkwardly before landing on Sera.


“It should be once a month for the first couple of years.”

“Oh, just once a month. Then that’s perfectly…not reasonable!!”


Chiharu said as she jumped to her feet. She could understand the need to purify. But to have to excrete it as well!


“AHHH!” The room gasped.


Plop. The rainbow-colored gem fell to her feet. Chiharu slowly brought her hand to her forehead. Yes. There was no dent. It was smooth.




Dear god. Chiharu, 25 years old. Has fainted for the first time.

The last thing she saw was a flash of white hair in the corner of her vision, and then she thought she felt a strong hand support her.

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3 x 3 Eyes is a manga.



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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Other than 3×3 Eyes, I think there was also The Third where the third eye is important for the plot.

    • It’s kind of an Eastern Buddhist/Hindu concept, the ‘eye of truth’ or ‘eye of insight’. The Third is a bit different I think since IIRC, their ‘third eye’ is actually an interface to their machines rather than anything religious.

  2. Thanks for the chapter

    Can we just pair up Maki with the beastman and Chiharu with the elf fairly soon? The girls need some reason to be happy with staying after all.

  3. A gem on the forehead, Definitely looks beaut..!! I mean painful. They are so luck.!!..pitiful. Thank you for this gemfully third eyed CHAPTER!!!!!!

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