10 Years After – 121




Grulf gladly ate the cookies that Milka offered him.

Grulf had disliked Milka at first, but they were friends now.

And that was a very good thing.


Lord Gerberga was also pecking at a cookie.


And so I sat down and chewed on a piece myself.

The tea that Milka had poured was delicious.


“Luchila. Is there anything that Lord Gerberga cannot eat?”

“Lord Gerberga is not a chicken, but the God Fowl. And he can eat anything that humans can.”

“I see. I would expect no less from the great Lord Gerberga.”


“So what food is Lord Gerberga especially fond of?”


“Lord Gerberga likes food that normal chickens like.”

“…I see.”

“But he also likes sweets.”

“That’s good.”


Gerberga finished his cookie and then jumped on my lap.

He was very cute, so I petted him.


“Do you want more, Lord Gerberga?”



Lord Gerberga ate a cookie from my hand.

Then Grulf came over and lay his jaw on my knee.


“You want to be fed too?”



And so I fed them both cookies.

It was oddly entertaining.


Eric and Philly returned after a while. And they were accompanied by Tama.

However, to my surprise, Eric’s daughters, Charlotte and Marie were with them.


“Grand Duke. How do you do?”

“Grand Duke. It’s nice to see you again.”


The ten-year-old Charlotte gave a graceful bow.

The four-year-old Marie tried her best to follow her sister.


“Your Highnesses. Welcome.”



Gerberga ran on top of the table and towards the princesses.


“Lord Gerberga!”

“Lord Gerbie! Hello!”



Gerberga pressed into them fondly.

The princesses were overjoyed as they petted him.


Serulis patted the girls on the head.


“Charlotte, Marie. I hope you’ve been doing well?”

“Yes, Miss Serulis!”

“I’ve been very well!”


And then Serulis said,


“Do you know about Grulfie?”

“Oh, yes. I heard that he is the spirit beast that the Grand Duke saved from the vampires.”


Charlotte was very smart for her age.

I had gone to the palace with Grulf after defeating the Vampire High Lord.

But as I was very busy, I hadn’t introduced Grulf to the princesses.


“Grulf. Come here.”



Grulf came as Serulis called him.


“Here he is. Isn’t he big?”

“Yes. Can I pet him?”

“So fluffy!”


Charlotte asked politely, but Marie just jumped onto him.

But Grulf looked happy, and licked her face.

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