10 Years After – 129


As a dragon, you were generally the strongest creature around, and so it would be very rare to feel any pain.


“These machines were so vicious in their attacks. And hard on top of that. And so I decided to run away, once the Vampire High Lords started attacking me too.”

“I see. Vampire High Lords have Charm, which is very troublesome.”


If Kathe was controlled by them, the damages could be enormous.


“Hmm. Well, it is not as if I couldn’t resist the Charm of a mere High Lord!”

“I see.”


Kathe said confidently.

But there was a possibility she was doing it for appearances again. It was probably best to take it with a grain of salt.


“Still, I’m surprised you were able to enter the city. What did you tell the guards?”


“At the gate?”

“Ah, I went over the wall. I didn’t pass through any gate.”


The walls around the royal capital were very high. They were about five times the height of the average man.

It would require much physical strength to scale it.


“And then you started stealing food right after that?”
“No, not at all. Locke. You must listen to my excuse.”

“I’ll listen.”

“I was following your presence and on my way here. But then I noticed a delicious smell.”


“Wouldn’t you be curious? And so I followed the smell to its source and stared at it.”


It was probably some street stall.


“As I watched, the man said, ‘What do you think, miss? Want to try it? It is the best.’ And as he was very kind, I readily agreed to eat as much as I could.”

“I see. Kathe. There’s something I should tell you.”


“I’m sure you understand it now, but what he really meant was that he wanted you to eat it after paying him money.”

“Humans do like to shorten things, don’t they? It is quite horrible. He did not say a word about money.”

“…Yes, what a misfortune for you…”


It seemed that I would have to explain to her about how humans lived.

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      • i don’t think a tank should be able to tank a dragon’s fire breath or even claw or tail smashing… only a big ass robot would or a huge ass gollem i guess, but gollems don’t shoot things

      • It’s a fantasy setting, who to say tanks aren’t made of vibranium or stuff like that, it’s just the descriptions made them seem like tanks

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