10 Years After – 146


Philly explained.

She meant the trash can found in Kathe’s palace.

It was being used by the dark ones to produce automated magic machines.


“I would like to know how to use it.”

“Did my daughter not tell you?”



Kathe looked away and started to hum to herself.

Dorgo understood it immediately.


“…I see. I suppose she didn’t know either. Do you have it here with you?”

“Yes. I it is in my laboratory.”

“Then let us go… It would be better to show you how to use it.”


And so we headed for Philly’s laboratory.

Everyone else must have been interested, because they followed us.


“If you put something in here, the matter conversion mechanism turns on.”




Dorgo explained it to her in detail.

In short, you need either a Fool’s Stone or a Philosopher’s Stone in order to make the magic machines.


“In that case, you should not be able to make many of them.”

“That’s exactly right.”

Dorgo agreed with a nod.


“Does that mean it is possible that the dark ones have found a way to mass produce the Fool’s Stone?”

“It is possible.”


Up until recently, they had been using Philly to make them.

Now that they had lost her, they should not have that ability.

That was probably why they were raiding the dragon ruins.


“Perhaps there are other groups of dark ones near the capital.”

“It is truly dangerous.”


Dorgo nodded. And then he continued.


“With all of that considered, there is something I wish to discuss.”

“What is it?”

“King Eric, I hope you will listen to me as well.”

“Of course.”


Eric had been listening quietly in the back until now. But he nodded.

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    • He’ll make good on his joke and give Ruck the Wind Dragon’s equivalent rank. Honorary as he is a noble of another power, but still something with authority as high titles are not handed out randomly unless it is to immediate relatives of the monarch

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