10 Years After – 176


“I… I… I cannot think of anything else.”

Kathe said as she slumped over the desk in exhaustion.


“Thank you for helping us, Kathe.”

“Thank you!”


Philly was also tired, but not as much as Kathe.


“Oh, no. Don’t mention it.


Then Dorgo said,


“Kathe. You did well today.”

“It is very rare for you to praise me, dad.”


Kathe said with a weak smile.

She really was tired.


“Kathe. You are so tired now because you were so lazy up until now. Look at Mister Locke.”



Kathe looked at me.


“Mister Locke used magic to search, then read the information and used magic again. In other words, he did the same amount of work that you and Philly did together.”

“Locke…are you really human?”

“Of course, I am human.”

“Humans are frightful creatures…”


Philly said,


“Mister Locke is special.”

“Yes, Mister Locke is different. Abnormal. Kind of like a monster…”


Kathe’s description was quite mean.


“And so are you, Philly. Your brain moves so quickly.”



Philly looked surprised.


“I was also reading what you were reading, Philly… And I could not keep up.”

“Well, I do like to read a lot.”


Said Philly. Dorgo shook his head.


“Miss Philly. The speed at which dragons read is supposed to be faster than humans.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Even if we ignore the fact that Kathe has been so neglectful and lazy, reading faster than the wind dragon ruler… I had heard you were a genius of alchemy, but I am still surprised.”

“You are exaggerating, but thank you.”


Philly said bashfully.


“Locke. Philly. Do you think you can make a good magic tool now?”

“Yes. The magic circuits are all laid out in my head now. What about you, Philly?”

“I am also prepared. The materials… As long as we are only making one.”


It seemed that we could finally start making it.

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