10 Years After 185


He would tear into their throats and kill them.



An evil dragon, whose wings had been frozen, now attacked me with its claws.

I had no time to move, and so I blocked it with my sword.

Then Grulf jumped on the dragon and bit its neck.



It seemed that Grulf’s claws could hurt the dragon.

Its movements were not slow enough that I could easily pierce it with spears that came out of the ground and into its stomach.

The dragon let out a final cry before going completely still


Kathe, Leea and Grand Chamberlain Morris were also fighting in the forms of dragons.

Morris was as strong as usual.

Kathe seemed like she was trying not to use her wind breath. There was a danger of destroying the entire settlement.


“Metal trash and worms are what you are! Do not underestimate the wind dragon ruler!”

She boasted as her claws tore into the machines and her jaws twisted the necks of the evil dragons.

She blocked the breath of the evil dragons with her wings and with barriers. The current reigning wind dragon was very powerful.


“Watch out!”

Leea was also quite strong. She helped a water dragon who was being attacked by an evil dragon.

And then the water magic. Aqua Blades cut through the machines.


“Too slow!”

Nia slashed a Vampire Lord who had appeared behind Leea.

Nia had been riding on Leea’s back and was protecting her.


“Thank you, Nia.”

“No! Thank you!”

Nia was very happy to be given a position where she could be useful.


“The wind magic is working quite well!”

Kathe cried happily.

She used Toronado Blade to launch the machines into the air and shred them.

As water magic was being used everywhere, there were no barriers to block her wind magic.


My own fight with the magic machines and the evil dragons was going quite smoothly.

I was now fighting an especially large evil dragon.

First, I launched a volley of magic spears and ice lances at it. Then I got up close and attacked with my sword.

But the evil dragon was also strong. It blocked my attacks with barriers and its claws.


It happened just as I was about to use magic again.


A vampire attacked me from behind.

Grulf’s jaws clamped down and held him back. The vampire was dead in a second. But there was no time for relief.

A different vampire appeared to my side and swung his sword.

I blocked the attack with a barrier, but it was immediately shattered. And so jumped back.

That’s when I noticed that my stomach had been cut. And in the next instant, I felt a wave of dizziness.

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