10 Years After – 188


Dorgo was acquainted with the beastkin tribes.

As they were both in charge of watching the surrounding area, they had probably been introduced.


“It was not me.”

“I see. I was thinking that such great magic could only be done by a dragon within the royal family…”

“Oh, even for us royal dragons, such magic would be very difficult…”

Dorgo said with a chuckle.


Then the old chief looked at me.

“Could it be you who summoned the meteors?”


As Dorgo had denied it, I was the next likely person.

Aside from the beastkin, the only people here were Eric, Goran, Serulis, and Dorgo.

Well, Grulf was here too, but he didn’t look like he could summon meteors.

And everyone knew that Eric and Goran were not sorcerers.

Serulis had traveled with the beastkin recently and was known to be a warrior.

And so if it wasn’t Dorgo, than it had to be me.


Shia and Danton looked at me worriedly.

They knew that I wanted to keep my identity secret.


“Yes, that’s right. I hope that the shock waves did not cause any trouble for you…”

“Oh, not at all. The summoning of the meteors made our job much easier. It reduced casualties for us.”

“That’s good to hear…”

“You would have lost your advantage had you taken time to force your way into the barrier. They would have been able to prepare to meet you.”


As I talked with the old chief, about ten other chiefs gathered around.

And then the old chief bowed once again.


“Thank you. You made good use of the information that we risked our lives to acquire.”

“Don’t mention it. It was thanks to your bravery that we were able to attack them.”


Eric said.

“Indeed. Locke’s magic would not have been much use if he didn’t know where to use it.”


Then one of the younger chiefs spoke up in a hesitant voice.


“Please correct me if I’m wrong, but could you be the Great Philosopher, Our Saviour, Grand High Sorcerer Ruck?”

At this, the rest of the beastkin wolves became excited.

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  1. what a blasphemy!!!!
    that younger chief got his title wrong it’s not “Great Philosopher, Our Saviour, Grand High Sorcerer Ruck”
    but it’s “Great Philosopher, Our Saviour, Great High Sorcerer, Grand Duke Ruck Franzen.”
    he is a heretic!!!!! (LOL)

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