10 Years After – 194


That night, everyone except for Eric stayed at my house.

The next morning, I spoke to Shia after Goran left.


“Would it be inconvenient if I went and visited your tribe, Shia?”

“It wouldn’t inconvenience us at all… But is there a reason?”

“No. But Danton had been a great help, so I thought I would like to say thank you.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to worry about that. If anything, it is you that has been a great help.”


As predicted, Shia was reserved.


“Well, that’s not all. The fight against the dark ones will only become worse now, you know?”

“That is true.”

“I want to keep in close contact. So I think it would be best if I visited again. In fact, I feel like I should install a teleportation circle over there.”

“I see. That way, you could visit whenever you liked.”

“It would be great. Will you come too, Nia?”

“Yes. I will go!”


Serulis started hopping around and raising her hand.

“Me too! I want to go!’

“Groof! Groof!”

Grulf and Serulis started jumping. They were suddenly very happy.



Next to them, Tama was sitting politely.

I sometimes wished that Grulf would learn a thing or two from Tama.

However, it was difficult, due to Grulf’s age.


“Cluck-cluck! Cluck-cluck!”

Lord Gerberga clucked happily on Luchila’s lap.

And then he flew off and landed on my shoulder.


“Do you want to come too?”



It sounded like he did.


“I was thinking about having you stay in the palace while I am away…”



Lord Gerberga pressed against my face.

It seemed like he really wanted to come with me.


“Alright, I will take you too.”


“In that case, I will go too!”

Luchila decided that she would come as well.

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