10 Years After – 241


“Leave it to me!”

I shouted out loud. This was to calm down the advance guard.

However, it was unnecessary. They weren’t slowing down at all.

They knew about the bullets, poison breath, and raining glass, but they ignored them.


This was because they trusted me.


Goran slashed the magic machines with his sword. As there was a fire effect on it, the metal melted at the same time.

Eric’s holy sword cut through the armor and into the core.

Kathe’s fists and feet were enveloped in wind magic as she punched and kicked.

The magic machines flew up into the air as high as the ceiling.


All the while, I kept the magic barriers up and blocked the bullets and glass.

At the same time, I activated Tempest.

While making sure it didn’t hit the others, I used it to suck up the poison breath and send it outside.

Both the poison and the glass were picked up and thrown towards the evil dragons.


Doing all of this required a lot of power and precision while controlling magic. 

It would be more efficient to allow Kathe to attack with wind magic.

However, I was currently using wind magic to protect. So it was better if I did it.



A row of machines was swept up by my wind and thrown into the ceiling.



Then they fell all at once and crashed to the ground.

By then, Eric, Goran, and Kathe had killed the other five magic machines in the front.

However, we still had the evil dragons to deal with.


“Kathe! You take the right side! Don’t hold back!”

“Leave it to me!”


Kathe turned into a dragon in an instant and then unleashed her powerful wind breath outside.

She knocked down two stone pillars as she cut into the dragons on the right side.



The evil dragons let out screams of pain. The breath of the wind dragon ruler was too powerful.

Kathe was very reliable with wind magic when there was no need to adjust the strength.


On the other hand, I had five evil dragons to kill on the left side.

I conjured up 15 magic lances and shot each dragon with 3.



The evil dragons tried to dodge them, but my magic lances were faster.

They sank deep into the flesh of the evil dragons.


And so the five on my side died at just about the same time as Kathe finished up with the five on her side.

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