10 Years After – 241

Fighting in the Large Room


For a while after that, we continued to kill vampires in small rooms and move forward.

In the meantime, the boss showed no signs of moving.


‘The boss room is just a little up ahead.’


I had already shown them a map and explained to them where the enemy was.

However, we had fought many battles since then. And so they may have forgotten.

And so I explained it to them once again.


‘We’ll head for the boss room once we get through the big room. Shia and Serulis, you go to the room with the humans.’


‘Leave it to us.’


After running for a little longer, we reached the large room. It was big enough for five dragons to fit inside.

And on the sides, there were large windows that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. Kathe would have been able to fit through if she was in dragon form.

Well, maybe they weren’t so much windows, as glass put between thick pillars.

The glass looked very expensive. That in itself told me that the owner of this place was very wealthy.


And in the room were large objects that were covered in cloth.

Shia looked at them in puzzlement.


‘What are those things?’

‘Those are…’


Just as I was about to tell her what Magic Exploration had told me…


A massive explosive sound echoed in the room. And then small metal fragments began to shoot towards us.


It was magic machines that were under the cloth.

The cloth came off after they started shooting, and about 10 machines appeared from under them.


The machines were lined up in two neat rows and started firing at the same time. There was nowhere to run.

That meant it was up to the sorcerer. And so I created a magic barrier to cover everyone.


Eric, Goran, and Kathe dashed towards the magic machines.

They left my barriers to protect them and focused on attacking.

That was a sign of how much they trusted me. I couldn’t let them down.


It was just as Eric and the others were closing in on the machines…


From the side, outside of the building, there was an enormous roar and then poisonous breath was unleashed towards us.

The large glass panels shattered and the shards rained down on us.


Evil dragons were attacking us now. And it wasn’t just one.

There were five dragons on each side and they were all unleashing their poison breath onto us.


We were being attacked on all sides now.

Of course, there had never been any place to escape, to begin with.

But now it would be much harder to defend everyone.

Worse, the glass shards were shooting towards us like sharp knives.


Furthermore, the metal bullets that the magic machines were firing were physical attacks, while the poison breath was a magic attack. And poison was also hard to deal with.

This was because it didn’t need to hit you directly to be effective. Even if I could guard them against it on the surface, it still drifted in the air.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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