10 Years After – 68


“But the kitchen should be clean at least. You might get sick!”

“I see. Thank you.”


So that’s why she changed.

As for Grulf, he was sniffing around the kitchen.


“I’m sure you know Grulf, but don’t go around marking your territory, alright?”



Grulf froze.

Not even a little? That’s what he seemed to be thinking.

I could not let my guard down for a moment.


“Listen here, Grulf. This business of marking your territory…”


“You must never do it here or in the royal palace.”


“And not at Goran’s house either. Actually, don’t do it indoors at all.”



What, I can’t? He seemed to cry. But I was glad I was able to make it clear before it happened.

And then I tried to explain why it was this way.

Grulf appeared to be listening, so I had hopes that he understood.


“You must go to the toilet.”


“And if you have to mark your territory somewhere, you can do it when I take you on walks.”


“But then again, it will cause trouble if it’s within the royal capital… You can do it when we take walks outside of the city then.”



Grulf was a puppy, but the size of a small horse.

But Grulf was smart, so I was sure that I would be able to take him on walks here without causing trouble.


As we talked, Gerberga landed on Grulf’s back.

It seemed to be one of his favorite spots.


“Well, as for the pantry, I would like to finish before Luchila comes home.”

“What about this?”

Milka pointed to a large shelf that was in the kitchen.


“That is a normal shelf. So it’s the same as leaving the food outside.”

“Well, how about this?”

Milka pointed to the floor. There was a storage space underneath.


“It does seem dark and cool.”


Milka said smugly. She had cleaned the place, so she knew where everything was.


“We’ll use both then.”

And so I cast a Preservation spell on both.

After that, I also cast an Expansion spell on them.

This made them into what was a less portable version of my bag.


“What kind of magic is that?”

“Quite simple…”

And I explained it to her.


“That’s amazing, Mister Locke.”

“This is a secret, but I am actually a Sorcerer.”

“Is that so…”


And then I looked around the room.

I wanted to know if there were any hidden passages or rooms.

Milka, Gerberga and Grulf followed me.


Unfortunately, we did not find any new secrets here.

And so I continued to walk around the mansion and cast spells.

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