10 Years After – 88


“All that, and it’s practically untouched again.”


Well, this was the kind of strength that I should have expected from an Evil God.

If this wasn’t the actual Evil God, how strong would the real one be?



“Still, victory will be mine.”


I unleashed another giant magic bullet. At the same time, I launched the Devil King Sword at the core.

I wanted to attack with such a force that it would have no choice but to protect itself, then attack the core.


The Devil King Sword pierced into the core and shattered it.

That was a relief. Now I could get close to the Evil God and fight.


“Now, you bastard head. Let’s fight.”


“I have no idea what you’re saying.”


I sent magic through my body to strengthen it. Then I charged toward the Evil God head.

Its tentacles were now stretching out and about to grab the Devil King Sword.

While running, I fired off magic bullets to knock the tentacles out of the way. Without slowing down, I dashed forward and grabbed the sword.

And without a seconds delay, slashed at the head.



It was just as the blade was about to touch the Evil God head. The eyes began to glow.

I had a bad feeling about it, and I jumped back immediately.

In the next instant, a black light shot out and hit the floor where I had been. The stone floor was now melting.

It was incredibly hot. I would not have survived if it had hit me.


The beams of light continued to shoot from the three eyes. But now even the tentacles were firing off magic bullets.

It was incredible firepower. I could not get close to it.

And I could barely block them all. And so I created a magic barrier and somehow managed to survive.

The magic bullets were one thing, but the beams of light were able to destroy the magic barriers in one hit.


“It’s only a head, but it’s stronger than the Devil King…”

I muttered to myself.


I continued to block its attacks while waiting for a chance to move in.

The attacks of the Evil God head became more and more ferocious. It crushed my magic barriers and the light beams cut my arms.

In a flash, my muscles turned into ash. I didn’t even feel pain. And they were only shallow cuts.

I would die if it hit the middle of my body. My arms and legs would burn off if they were hit.


But I couldn’t just focus on defense forever. Things would gradually get worse for me if I didn’t do something.

I had to go on the attack.


“I don’t really want to use it because of how much magic it takes…”


I prepared to use my most powerful spell.

There were too many uncertainties to allow this fight to drag on.

I would slam it with my hardest attack and try to finish this all at once.

My ten years fight with the devils had made me used to long fights. It had been a while since I last ended a battle so quickly.


I created a magic barrier with my left hand while raising my right hand and squeezing it.

My right hand was crushing not only the Evil God head, but the space-time that surrounded it.


Raum Implosion.

It didn’t matter how strong its physical defense was.

I was twisting the laws of physics and crushing the space it occupied.

It wouldn’t matter if it was made of diamonds or orichalcum.




There was a low echo and in a flash, the Evil God’s head was crushed.

The giant head had been compressed to the size of my fist.



The head seemed to not understand what was happening.

It moaned in a way that was different than before.


Then I deactivated the space-time compression magic. It depleted too much energy.

It would affect me in the long term if I used it for too long.

And I wasn’t sure that this was the last enemy I would be fighting.


When I deactivated it, the head returned to its normal size.

It tore apart as if in an explosion. Bones were crushed as they flew in the air. Fluids sprayed.

The tentacles were minced as they splattered.

The head was in a shapeless pulp now.

But it was moving. Slowly, it was recovering.


“You still won’t die…”


I had to deal a finishing blow.

And so I tried using the black beams of light I had just learned from it.


The parts that were hit began to burn and fall off.


“It must hurt to get hit by your own attacks.”

It tried to resist by putting up magic barriers.

But the black beams destroyed them easily. And the head started to crumble.


It burned for a while before turning into ash.

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