10 Years After – 89

Dealing with the Evil God Head


Even after the head turned into ash, I didn’t let my guard down.

It was the head of an Evil God. I would not be surprised if it rose from the ashes.

So I observed it carefully and pondered.


“That last magic… What should I call it…”


Black beams of light.

Dark Ray perhaps?

It didn’t sound quite right. But I would think of something later.


I continued to stare at the head for some time, but it showed no signs of reviving.


“I guess I can relax for now…”


I inspected the ashes.

To me, it looked much the same as when vampires turned into ash.

The only difference was that I found a small idol head inside of it.


“Perhaps this is the heading missing from the Evil God idol.”


If it was the missing piece from the idol we found in the sewers, that meant we now had the complete set.

The dark ones had probably wanted to summon the entire Evil God.

But for some reason, it had not worked for them.


Either they didn’t have enough curses or enough sacrifices. Or maybe it was ingredients.

It could have been that they didn’t have any time left.

Or perhaps they didn’t have the right information.


“But it was so strong while just a head. I’m not sure I would have been able to win if it was against the whole body…”


It was a horrible thing to think about.

I gathered the ashes and the idol head and threw them into my bag.


“Perhaps I should take the core for the barrier as well.”


Otherwise, the dark ones might use it for something. Besides, I would like to study it.

At this point, the vampires that had been trapped with Terminus Icicle began to melt.


The goblins who had defrosted remained breathless and dead. They were dead the moment they had frozen.

Most of the vampires had died as well. They had turned to ash at the same time that they had frozen.


However, one vampire that had been in the room with the Evil God came back to life.

He must have been a powerful vampire to be so resilient. A High Lord, maybe.


“…What happened…”


He looked around the room. Then he noticed that the Evil God head was not there and his jaw dropped.

I was now using an illusion to look like one of the vampires that I had killed while coming here.


“So you are awake now?”

“Ah, you’re the 10th. What has happened here?’


Apparently, I was now the 10th ranking vampire.

So I was a Vampire Lord.

And since he was talking down to me, he was probably a High Lord.


But normally, illusions wouldn’t work on a High Lord.

However, he had only just been defrosted and his brain was likely still slow.


“My surroundings suddenly froze over. I don’t know what happened…”

I pretended that I didn’t know. It would be easier to avoid saying anything I shouldn’t.


“And what happened to our God? I do not see him?”

So the head was the god of the dark ones after all.

Establishing that alone made it worth talking to this High Lord.


“It has vanished.”

“Vanished? That cannot be. God was not yet whole. He should not be able to move.”

“Whole or not, a god is a god. Perhaps he escaped from the ice.”

“That’s impossible. As long as your body is not whole, you cannot move one step away from the summoning circle. Else your body will disappear.”

“Then where did he go?”

“Perhaps he was killed by the ice…”

The High Lord scowled.


“No. We were able to survive it. Surely a god would not die from that.”

“That’s true… Hmm? My God-given powers are gone. What about you?”

“…yes. I think they are gone as well.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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