10 Years After – 89


I said. So the Evil God really was able to share power with the vampires.


“In any case, if God has disappeared, we must summon him again.”

“Indeed. We must gather more sacrifices.”

“It will be easy enough if we work together.”

“You say that, but it does hurt that the High Lord who was controlling this area in the city is now dead. And by a mere human.”

“This time, we must summon the entire God.”

“Yes. We shouldn’t have rushed so much after the death of the High Lord. We didn’t have enough sacrifices and ended up only being able to summon the head.”


It was a very good thing that we had killed the High Lord.

Just then, a voice came from behind me.


“High Lord! What has…”

There were other vampires that had survived, apparently.


“Ah, the 18th. I do not know. How is it out there?”

“Everyone is dead. No one has survived except for me.”

“Damn it… We were five Lords. Five who had been given power by God. And now we are only two.”


And then the High Lord turned to me and said,


“10th. Help me. My legs still cannot move.”


Then the 18th muttered,




The 18th must have checked the area after reviving.

His brain was working normally, it seemed.

Besides, he had been further from the Terminus Icicle.

And so maybe he wasn’t as affected by my illusion.


“I suppose that’s it then.”



Instead of offering my hand to the High Lord, I swung my sword. His head went flying.



The head sputtered in shock as I stabbed it with my sword.



The 18th came rushing towards me.

However, without the power of the Evil God, he was just a normal Lord. He was no match for me.

I used my right hand to grab him by the neck.


“I’m going to drain you.”



I activated Drain Touch on the 18th. It had been a while since I last did this.

But my fight with the Evil God head had caused parts of my arm to turn into ash.

Drain Touch would allow me to heal quickly.


High Lords were strong. And there was a chance that they would go berserk while I was draining them.

But Vampire Lords were nice and weak. But still had plenty of magic energy for the taking.

They were perfect for Drain Touch.


My arm was healing at a rapid rate.

At the same time, the 18th was drained of all life as his skin began to wrinkle.



“Thank you. That was a great help.”

Then I cut off his head and stabbed it with my sword.


“Now. For some cleanup.”


I gathered the magic stones from the ashes along with the medals.

Then I gathered all the goblin bodies that had not turned into ash and put them in my bag.

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  1. MC: *shows up* so I have taken care of the a vampire next with some High lords, and the evil god head. *shows all the stones and metals*
    Everyone else: WUT???
    Everyone else: …
    Everyone else: … …
    Everyone else: … … …
    MC: Why isn’t anyone saying anything?
    Lord gerbie: CLUCK!

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