10 Years After – 98


Because of this, he and Shia had been granted the rank of a knight.


“The last time I met him, he said that he was fine… Did something happen?”

“No, as I said, he will survive. Still, the doctors say that he must rest and avoid any fighting for a long time.”

“I see. Yes, it is not good to push yourself too hard.”

“He is rehabilitating now. The doctors say that it will take a year at least before he is able to fight like he used to.”

“One year. But maybe that is quite fast, considering he was hurt during that fight.”

“Yes. I think so too. He could have died.”


As we talked like this, Gerberga suddenly stood up.


“Lord Gerberga. What is it?”



Gerberga clucked loudly.

Just then, Luchila’s face poked into the room.


“Oh, there you are, Lord Gerberga.”



Lord Gerberga clucked with satisfaction before sitting down on my lap again.

Luchila petted him.


“You took a bath? You do seem cleaner now.”

“Yes. Thank you.”


Luchila’s horns were shinier than usual.


“I won’t say you have to do it every day, but baths should be taken regularly.”



Luchila said with a troubled expression.

Did he hate taking baths so much?

Milka laughed and said,


“Luchila. You hate bathing so much. But why? I think it feels great.”

“I don’t hate it…”

“It’s filthy not to!”


Milka pressed. Luchila looked a little frantic.

He wanted to change the subject as he turned his eyes to Nia.


“Mister Locke. Who is that?”

“Shia’s sister. Nia.”

“I’m Nia! My sister is greatly in your debt!”

“I’m Luchila. And no, your sister has helped us greatly.”


After that, the conversation continued pleasantly.

Time passed, and when it was near evening, Milka left to make dinner.

And some time after that, Grulf stood up.



“What is it, Grulf?”

Grulf’s tail was wagging.



Nia stood up as well. Her tail was wagging also.

Just then, a voice rang from the front door.


“I’m back!”

Shia had returned.

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