My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 60

Guard Duty with Leo

While Ms. Claire tried to protest, Sebastian stopped her.
I could understand how she felt, as I had volunteered with the same feelings.
However, everyone could see that she was tired. And in the first place, it had been Ms. Claire who wanted to come out here and explore the forest.
And so if she was not able to walk, then we would have no choice but to return to the mansion.
Sebastian was talking like this because he was thinking about her energy and safety more than anything.

“…Very well. I will rest today in preparation for tomorrow.”
“Yes, my lady.”

Ms. Claire looked rather forlorn as she gave up.
Well, perhaps there was something that I could do.
Otherwise, it was possible that Ms. Claire and Sebastian will not be on the best terms for the remainder of the journey.
Even I could see that he was saying it for her sake.
And while I was sure that she trusted Sebastian, it must be difficult to have someone reject your opinions, just as he had done when she first declared that she would go to the forest.

“…Well, I’m not sure what I can say… It is difficult.”

As I wondered what would be the best thing to do, Ms. Lyra called to us.

“Dinner is ready, everyone. Please come and eat.”

It sounded like the voice of salvation, but it was telling us that the food was ready.
Everyone had been walking through the forest and preparing the tents, so they would be hungry. And so we immediately picked up the wooden plates and headed towards Ms. Lyra.
…Even Sebastian, who had been so stern a moment ago, and Ms. Claire, who had looked so disappointed, were walking together and smiling…

“Huh? Why did I even worry?”

Apparently, my worries were unwarranted, and the two had a strong trust in each other.
…What a waste of emotion that had been…

“Ah, Leo. Let’s go.”

And so I stopped thinking about it and went with Leo to accept our dinner.
In fact, the atmosphere during dinner was so peaceful and warm, that I was assured that I need not have worried.
Ms. Claire and Sebastian were evaluating the quality of the meat…
Well, as long as things were pleasant, it was fine.
It was kind of like a pork pot-au-feu, with orc meat and vegetables.
The air was a little cold, since we were close to the river, but the pot-au-feu warmed us right up.
It was indeed a comforting, homely meal that was satisfying.

“The food was very delicious, Ms. Lyra.”
“It was very good.”

Not only Ms. Claire and I, but everyone else agreed that it was good, and Ms. Lyra smiled cheerfully.
A few hours later, everyone retired to the tents, so that it was just me and Leo by the fire.
It was the beginning of our watch.
As for the tents, there were two of them set up, so that the men and women were separated when they slept.

“I cannot sleep in the same tent as you, Lady Claire…”
“Don’t worry about that and just come.”
“Yes. I will be there too, so it won’t just be you and Lady Claire.”

As a servant, Ms. Lyra hesitated at the idea of sleeping in the same tent. But it was a rare opportunity, and so she eventually allowed Ms. Claire and Johanna to drag her inside.
They seemed to be having fun, as if they would hold a little party inside. But there was no point in thinking about such things.

“It’s not as if I could join them…”

I muttered as I watched Ms. Lyra go in.
Once it was just me and Leo outside, we continued to hear sounds of movement and talking voices for some time, and then eventually it was just the sounds of the fire and the running river. Also, the chirping of distant crickets.
Now that I thought of it, it was rare for me and Leo to be alone together since we came to this world.
When we were together, I spent a lot of time thinking about my Gift, Weed Cultivation. And in my room we would play a little and then go to sleep.
…So this was a good opportunity to talk with Leo.

“Leo, you came to this world with me, but… How do you feel? While you were small in the other world, it was a peaceful place where you didn’t have to fight.”
“Wou-wou. Wuff-wou.”

Leo tilted her head to the side once and then replied.
Uhhh, judging by her gestures and expressions… I like it here better because we are always together… I think.
I see… Being together was more important for Leo. Because she was often left in my apartment all day previously.
…I was happy to hear that.
What should I ask next…

“You became big so suddenly. Are there any difficulties related to that?”
“Wou-wuff-wuff. Wou! Wuff-wuff.”

Uhh… Nothing. It’s easier to move now, so I like it more. And I’m happy to be able to protect… I think that’s what she said.
So, there were no issues related to her current size.
With humans, you sometimes experience growing pain when you suddenly grow taller. But such things did not happen to Leo.
Well, it wasn’t as if she had actually grown over time.
However, I did feel a little pitiful about being the one who was protected. But I also felt grateful.

“Now that I think about it, you can also use magic now, Leo.”
“Wuff. Wou?”

Should I use it? She seemed to ask with a tilt of her head.

“No, no. You don’t have to do it now. But you can use it if something happens.”

Leo nodded, but looked a little disappointed.
…I suppose she wanted to use it?
However, she might wake up the others if she did it now.
And according to Sebastian, you could die if you ran out of magic energy, so it was best not to waste it.
I didn’t know how much magic energy Leo had…
So it would be better to watch her use magic after we returned from the forest and were safe again.
…Speaking of Sebastian, he hadn’t been able to finish his explanation on magic… I wanted to be able to use magic myself, and so I would have to ask him later.

“What kind of magic can you use, Leo?”
“I told you, not right now. I just want to know what kind of magic you can do.”
“Wuff…woo… Wou-wouwo! Gaugau-wuff.”

Leo really did want to use magic.
Perhaps she was like me. Now that she could do something that she hadn’t been able to do before, she wanted to do it.
After looking disappointed again, she began to tell me about what kind of magic she could do.
Uh, a lot… I’m especially good with fire. And I can control water, air, and earth as well… Also…other types.
You needed to be a little more specific than that, Leo.
Still, it was a marvel that I was able to understand Leo so well now.
And it was a great thing to be able to communicate with your buddy.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Wait till Leo uses Lighting Magic and scares the days out of them all.
    Also, I bet almost every pet owner would like that ability, myself included.

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  2. So does this mean that Leo can use all elements? I guess we should refer to her as ‘Mahou Shoujo Leo-chan’ from now on.

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