Seisan Mahoushi – 8

Chapter 8 – ☆ Royg, regrets!

In Chevalburg, five days after Joshua left.

“Damn him. Had he kept his mouth shut, I might have raised his salary just a little… Vilian. What is happening with the Production Bureau?”

Royg asked his attendant, Villian, in the office within his castle.

“We have called the most brilliant Production Magicians from our homeland, as well as from the capital of the Bersos Kingdom! They will put that Joshua to shame!”
“I see. Well, they will have to work harder than him then.”

However, just then, someone entered the office while shouting angrily.

“Do you take me for a fool, Vilian! This is not what you promised!? I didn’t know the monthly salary was going to be this low!”

The person who entered the room was one of the Production Magicians who had been invited from the royal capital.

“It-it is…only the starting salary…it will go up later! Won’t it, captain?”

Vilian tried to persuade him, but the Production Magician’s words just grew angrier.

“In the first place, what’s this about making a hundred weapons, a thousand arrows, and a thousand potions a day!? On top of that, I’m getting requests to make wheels, construction materials and carpenter tools. And an order to repair the castle walls! …A hundred men couldn’t do that much work!”

However, Royg raised his voice with fury.

“What!? You cannot even do that much!? One sword a minute, one arrow a second. That’s all you need to do!”
“You must be mad! One sword in a minute? Even the most brilliant Production Magicians that I know will need an hour to make a single sword!! I had no idea that the Schwarz Knights Order was a group of such lunatics!”

‘I quit!’ shouted the Production Magician, and he slammed the office door behind him.

Royg’s face was bright red as he glared at Vilian.

“What is the meaning of this!? You’ve brought me a complete incompetent!”
“I-I’m terribly sorry! However, he was renowned for being the best or second best Production Magician in the capital…”
“You were deceived! Ah, how aggravating! Bring someone more capable! Someone who can actually make one sword per minute!!”

After that, Vilian and the other attendants tried to call over Production Magicians from their home country.

However, they could not find a single Production Magician who fulfilled the demands of Royg and the Knights Order.

“Ca-captain… It seems that Joshua’s skill was greater than we imagined… He was on a different level from the others.”

As Vilian’s voice shook, Royg’s face darkened.

Joshua had been more than competent…
In his heart, he did not want to admit it, however, reality had proven it.

After all, in spite of promises of a high salary, not a single person had appeared who could replace Joshua.
When they visited for the interview, and heard about the amount of work expected from them, all of the Production Magicians had claimed it was impossible, and they had left.

It was only then that Royg finally realized Joshua’s true ability.

However, he still had his pride.
He could not ask him to come back now.

“…It cannot be helped. As for weapons and tools, we will have to buy them with gold. Tsk. I never thought I’d have to spend money on such things.”
“…As you say, captain. I know a good merchant who I can introduce to you.”

Vilian said with a smile and a nod.

Like this, the Schwarz Knights Order had to rely on suppliers for equipment and expendables.

However, no matter how much they bought, they could not match Joshua’s level of productivity.

Not only that, but many of the merchants that Vilian and his other attendants introduced were crooked traders, and so the Knights Order ended up buying overpriced equipment of low quality.

Still, Royg’s habit of wasting money did not slow down. And he continued to throw extravagant parties in his mansion day after day.

Furthermore, as Vilian and the attendants wanted to aid merchants from their homeland, they squashed any warnings that would have come from the Finance Bureau.

Eventually, the financial affairs of the Knights Order saw their expenditure far surpass their income, and their funds were depleted in the blink of an eye…

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  1. Yep as expected, Joshua’s production skills are overpowered. No body can fulfill the demands that his former knight’s order expect of his replacements. Now looks like the order is about to go bankrupt because the commander keeps spending lavishly despite the situation.

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