Shatei Kyokufuri – 149

Data.140 – Old Bowman, King of the Riverside

When it came to my fighting style underwater, the seven forms of Seabow Arts was everything.
As I was surrounded from all sides, Form One, Thousand Needles would be the most effective, as it shot out needles in every direction… But it also didn’t do a lot of damage.
I doubted that it would do much against monsters like alligators, who had tough skin.
That being said, I would get torn to shreds if I tried to fight them one on one…

“…Ah! Maybe I could fuse Seabow Arts!”

Skills involving barriers, creating blades and setting traps were too special for fusion, but aside from the fact that they were used in the water, most of them were quite simple.
And so if I could fuse them, it would really open up new possibilities for me when it came to underwater combat….!

“Trident Arrow and Thousand Arrows… Thousand Trident!”

…It worked!
Small fork-like tridents shot out in every direction.
However, fusing skills would not result in enough force to defeat these alligators.
And so I would have to keep attacking nonstop!

“Seabow Arts – Form Five fusion…Shark Arrow Storm!”

‘Shark’ homed in on any targets that had taken damage!
And even if Thousand Trident only scratched the alligators, they wouldn’t be so lucky when attacked by a pack of sharks…!

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow also attacked the weakened alligators and brought their number down.
Alright. I would be able to deal with them now…


It came flying…the alligator!
It was shooting at me like an arrow while rotating…!
Even their special attacks reminded me of Garbow…!

No, more importantly, there were a lot of alligators who had taken no damage…
The smaller alligators had been easy to kill, but there were plenty of larger ones left.
This wasn’t the fault of Shark Arrow Storm, but because Thousand Trident was too weak.
While it homed in on enemies that took damage, it also meant that it ignored enemies who hadn’t.
And so the enemies that dodged the first attack or canceled it out with skills didn’t even have to avoid the second attack.

That being said, it was still true that there were arrows flying around everywhere, and so the alligators had waited for them to die down before charging.
They really were smart…!

Now that I had used Arrow Storm, the only attacks I had left that were better were Meteor Bow and Southern Cross Ballista…
But using Meteor Arrow meant losing Garbow and halting the exploration. And Southern Cross Arrow created a large launching platform that would be hindered by the water.
I doubted that I would be able to aim at the alligators who swam so quickly in the water.
In that case…!

“Come back! Garbow! Go! Seabow Arts – Form Four fusion…I’m Marlin!”

We just had to escape from the water!
This was a river, not in the middle of the ocean.
If I combined the speedy Marlin with I’m Arrow and flew, we would be on dry land in no time.
You shouldn’t fight an enemy on their own turf.
Lure them into your own…!


We shot out of the water!
I would fly as far as I could, and once the effect ended, I would land on Floating Cloud Herd and watch them from above.


“What!? Woah!!”

Something bit into my left left!?
And then I started rotating in a different direction…!
I went from I’m Arrow’s drill spin to doing cartwheels…!

“Gah! Grr…! Ah…”

I heard a terrible sound and then I was thrown onto the grass.
Even the tall grass here was not enough to cushion me.
But I wasn’t dead…
Perhaps it wasn’t so bad…

“…I can’t feel my left leg.”

As I had turned off most gore effects in the settings, it looked like I still had a leg.
But in fact, there was no leg there, and so I couldn’t move it.
I had experienced this loss of body parts before during the fight with the Windcloud Dragon.
I needed a regeneration potion or some other item in order to fix this.

And just like before, I didn’t have such a potion with me!
As it was possible that I could lose limbs during the tournament battle, I really had to find a way to make some…
I wouldn’t be able to shoot if I lost my arms. But losing a leg was also bad.
These strong enemies have been really teaching me lessons a lot lately.

As for the enemy that tore off my left leg…it was the alligator.
It had scales that were black like a crow. It practically looked like a dinosaur.
Perhaps it had been based on some prehistoric ancestor of alligators.
Considering how large its mouth was, I should probably be thankful that it only took one leg.
And due to the violent spinning, I had been flung off far away enough from the ancient alligator.

I had not expected this boss-like alligator to be waiting for me up on dry land. But I got off pretty lightly considering I had been ambushed.
I might have died in one hit had I just walked normally out of the water.
While its ability to crush I’m Arrow frightened me, I was able to protect myself in the end.
And even while missing a leg, the battle was in my favor…I think.
No, perhaps I should just retreat once with Warp Arrow…

“Gar! Gar! Gar!”

“What is it, Garbow?”

He was crying much louder than usual.
And he seemed so excited, like he was about to attack…

“Wait, is it because that thing has it? The item you need for evolution…”

“Gar! Gar! Gar!”

It sounded like Garbow was replying to me.
…So I would do what I could in the situation!
From what I could see, this savanah was quite far from the main road. I wouldn’t be able to reach the nearest town by using Warp Arrow just once.
Besides, I might be hunted down by some other monster when I landed.

In that case, I should kill this ancient alligator and then travel with the evolved Garbow. That would be safer.
What did it matter if I didn’t have any legs? I’ll be a cannon!
This was all for Garbow’s evolution.
And so I would stay put with Garbow and fight!

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