Shatei Kyokufuri – 153

Data.144 – Old Bowman, Underground Machine City

With a loud clang, the elevator stopped completely.
What spread out underneath the altar was a city where machine humans lived.
Everywhere there were gears and steam and loud, complex machinery that I didn’t understand. The atmosphere was very steampunk…
While most of the residents looked like humans, some looked entirely machine-like as well.

For a second, I wondered if I would be attacked if I went inside, but as I wasn’t able to use my skills, it meant that this was a non-combat zone.
I guess I should try talking to someone…
And so I approached a girl who looked close to a human.

“Um, excuse me. This place…”

“Woah!? It’s unusual to see a real human here! This is the underground machine city, Machinestatt!”

While she was surprised, she was also friendly.
And she also confirmed that game-wise, this place was treated as a city.
That meant that I could log out safely, treat wounds and purchase items.
That would be a life saver.
I no longer had to travel through the savannah at night while going to the next village.

“Woah!? The alligator with you has a machine body! And it looks very advanced…! Perhaps it’s an original mecha animal that was made during the time of the ancient civilization!”

“Original mecha animal?”

“Yes! Mecha animals can multiply just like normal living creatures, but their roots lie with these originals! I think that this alligator must be an original! They have superior abilities and so we could only dream of ever being like them!”

So Garbow was supposed to be one of the first mecha animals made with some ancient civilization’s technology, huh?
That would explain why he was much stronger than the other mecha animals in the savannah.
With machines, newer models were supposed to have better performance, but with robots, sometimes the prototypes were the strongest.
That wasn’t realistic? Well, this was a game.
And so it was just following the format of robot cartoons!

“Do you mind if I ask you a few other questions?”

“What do you want to ask?”

“You said something about it being rare for humans to be here. Is that true?”

While the altar had been in the middle of the savannah, it was still large and stood out quite a lot.
So other players would be able to find it and realize that there was an underground city.
However, I didn’t see any other players here.

“Yes, it is rare! Of course, we do get visitors sometimes, but there are not many! The reason is probably because there are requirements for the elevator to activate!”


“And you fulfilled two of them! The Windcloud set and the mecha animal!”

“Hey, wait. I understand the mecha animal, but why the Windcloud set? It’s true that the elevator moved after I tapped it with my bow, and there was a similar elevator in the Windcloud mountain but…”

“Exactly! We know that there are a few other cities away from here that have the same technology! And having equipment with the name of those cities is the key to moving the ancient devices!”

The Windcloud set is the key to moving them…?
So it was also because of the Windcloud set that I was able to move the elevator in the Windcloud mountain.

If you impressed the Windcloud Dragon enough, it would put you on a cloud and lead you to the Windcloud Mountain.
However, if you didn’t realize this and got off of the cloud, you could still use the Windcoud set and go up the elevator to the top in order to reach the settlement.
This equipment really was wonderful.

“Thank you for telling me that. I have one more question… Do you know the requirements for unlocking fast travel?”

“Fast travel…ah! You mean that warping ability that flesh and blood humans use! I am in charge of giving people permission for that. So I will give you permission! There are different requirements, but in your case, you have done a great job in raising one of our kind!”

I see. So if you brought a high-level and evolved machine-type Unison with you, they would unlock fast travel right away.
I suppose if this was a plant city, then players with a plant-type Unisons would have an advantage.

Now I had learned everything that I wanted to.
And so I thanked the machine girl and continued on my way in order to fix my leg and explore the city.

…It really was amazing!
There were stores where you could use NSO medals to buy skills, as well as stores where you could buy machine-type materials and items!
Furthermore, there was even a workshop with an amazing craftsman like Mr. Yu!

There was so much stuff compared to the first town, and it would really help expand my tactics during battle.
The machine materials would be useful when strengthening Garbow’s equipment.
Mr. O was called the ‘Eight-armed Octopus,’ and was able to deal with rare items as well. Things would be a lot more efficient if I split the work between those two.

So Garbow’s kin were here, and it was deeply related to the Windcloud set. It seemed like this place would become very important for me!

And then there was something that drew my interest more than anything else…

“Machine God Windhole…”

On the outskirts of Machinestatt, there was a cave that was closed off by a thick gate.
Apparently, they were locking up heartless killing machines inside of it.
While it would be incredibly dangerous, there were mechanical creatures deep within who had undergone unique evolutions. And if you beat them, you could acquire rare items…

“This is practically ording players that want to become the strongest to go…!”

I had already received permission to open the gate.
Now, it was time to uncover the darkness of the ancient civilization…tomorrow.
It was already night time when I arrived at Machinestatt, and so I might have to stay up all night if I entered a high difficulty dungeon now.
While players who wanted to become the strongest might think nothing of staying up light, sleep was the one thing that I would not deprive myself of…!
And so I would take on the killing machines…tomorrow!

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