Royal Magician – 68

Chapter 68 – The Opera House

The grand entrance to the opera house.
Two figures shadowed the pair from a distance as they waited to enter.

“Hey, hey. Things are looking good. Yes, very good.”

Gawain Stark said with shining eyes. Leticia let out a sigh.

How did it come to this?

It had all started because of something that Noelle said to Gawain.

‘This weekend? I plan to go see an opera with Luke.’

Gawain’s interest was piqued.
If this was just some ordinary date, he would not have cared. However, there was clearly more to it. This must be a special event.

Luke Waldstein.

Ever since he had joined the order, he had been brilliant, but also as emotionless as a machine. And yet something had caused a variety of expressions to appear on his face.

It was a certain person he had feelings for since his student days.

He had been a hopeless case who could not step forward, as his feelings were too strong and would keep getting in the way. However, he had finally taken the plunge and asked her on a date.

This was tremendously interesting.

Besides, he had just happened to receive a ticket to the opera from the chief of the misuse of magic management department, in order to help with the unmasking of illegal trade.

If he had to go to the opera for work, he might as well see how those two were doing.

Leticia was quite shocked when she learned of Gawain’s complete lack of delicacy on the matter.

If they were seen, it could ruin the date.

No matter how hard one tried, people like Gawain and Noelle were about as far from romantic as you could get.
And so once something interfered with the mood, there would be no undoing it.

(I have to stop him, so he doesn’t do anything strange.)

After all, Leticia was the one who had set things in motion with this date.
She was serious and had a strong sense of responsibility. And so she requested that she be able to accompany Gawain.
Ultimately, the two of them ended up here, tailing the pair of subordinates who were on a date.

(Why am I doing this…)

Leticia groaned as she held her forehead.

“I’m surprised by how well they are doing.”

She sighed by how entertained he sounded.

“Those two. They are always like that.”
“I see. So in spite of being completely unaware, they are close.”
“You don’t need to put their sad reality into words.”

The two followed them while hiding in the crowd of people.
Noelle was her usual friendly self, and Luke seemed to be acting as he always did around her.

“He is definitely trying his hardest to remain calm.”

Said Gawain with great amusement.
Leticia sighed again as she looked up at him.

They had both joined the Royal Magicians Order at the same time, and as they had both done very well, they had plenty of opportunities to work together.
Once Gawain had reached Adamantite Rank, they were buddies.
And so it was not unusual for people around them to make assumptions.

‘Oh, I think you two are a perfect match!’

But Leticia knew.
While he looked after his subordinates and was loved by them, he was completely unreliable, and had been on the brink of financial ruin because he would constantly pay for their meals.

And so every time someone would bring such possibilities up, Leticia would think…

(Even if all other men were to die, I would still not consider him.)

◇  ◇  ◇

The Theater Ardenfeld had four kinds of seats.
The theater was shaped like a horse shoe, and Luke was sitting in the most expensive front row seat while waiting for the show to begin.

Next to him, Noelle was looking around like some kind of alertful wild animal.

“Hmmm. I think that person looks suspicious. Surprisingly, elegant looking people are often the ones in the black market trade.”

Elegant looking people?

I mused as I watched from the corner of my eye.

Apparently, she was still thinking about the words of the other department, and was in her work mode.

“It’s our day off, you know. You don’t have to do anything. It’s not our job.”

I said.

“You say that, but you’re probably thinking about dealing with it yourself. Really, you are so…”

Noelle said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m glad that you’re concerned, but you can rely on me a little, you know? I can help, even if it is my day off. For you, Luke.”

She said it so matter-of-factly that I was surprised.

Of course, she only saw me as a friend.
A friend that she also felt indebted to. She probably didn’t have any romantic interest in me, but…

But…I was still happy.

To me, the time I spent with Noelle was much more important than work.
However, if Noelle felt this way, then perhaps working was not that bad either.

Then the show began.
An opera in four acts that was based on an epic about a dragonslaying hero.

It had a beautiful and powerful theme that depicted the birth of the world.
The bassoon and horn were layered one by one. Flute, piccolo, oboe, cole anglais, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and double bass trombone…a spectacular introduction played by wind instruments.

A graceful and beautiful string melody.
The first and second violin, composed of sixteen each, the twelve violas and cellos, the eight contrabass.
The flood of sound created by the best in the kingdom.

The music filled the hall.
The audience were enraptured.
The chandelier sparkled in orange light against the painted ceiling.

As six harps played their fantastical tune, I suddenly glanced to my side.

She was sleeping comfortably with her mouth open.

So fast.
But the protagonist had not even appeared yet.

What was all that about wanting to go to the opera for the first time!

(Well, that is like you.)

As I chuckled, her small frame suddenly leaned against me, and my heart nearly stopped.

Her head was now against my shoulder.

Her long hair brushed against my hand, which lay on the arm rest.

Should I push her back into position?

No, let her rest for a while longer.

My heart beat like a hammer.
The warmth of her body on my shoulder.
The scent of soap.
The peaceful breathing near my ear.

I shook my head and chuckled.

(Now I’m not paying attention to the opera either.)

It was a performance by the best orchestra, and the quality was high and wonderful.
And yet, just seeing her sleeping filled me with more happiness.

The human heart was a strange thing.

I wished that time would just stop here.

And like that, I listened to the beautiful melody, and her breathing while she slept.

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