Royal Magician – 76

Chapter 76 – His Reason

Luke Waldstein had his own intelligence network within the royal palace.
The corruption and collusion that existed in the society of royals and nobles… By grasping their weaknesses, he would be able to make them cooperate.

And so he had some information regarding the conversation between Prince Michael Ardenfeld and Captain Gawain Stark, which took place on that day.

There were three important points.

The first was that Silver-Rank Noelle Springfield had been chosen for the games to be held in front of the royal family.

The prince was terribly interested in Noelle Springfield’s future, and felt that she must be allowed to grow within an environment that best suited her.

And with her future considered, he felt that it was best that she gain experience within the Kingsguard, and not the Royal Magicians Order.

“A notable number of people are already acting towards the selecting of Noelle Springfield for the Kingsguard. It will probably be revealed within a month after the games.”

Luke let out a deep sigh after hearing the report.

(Things are moving faster than expected.)

This is what he had feared.
Her transfer to the special unit that worked directly under the royal family.
In other words, as Luke was a member of the Royal Knights Order, their relationship as buddies would come to an end.

“I’m sorry. I could not stop it.”

Said Gawain, after the meeting.

“No, thank you for your concern.”
“Though, it’s not for you. When one is a young magician commoner who suddenly attracts attention, then some of the more conservative nobles are bound to react negatively. And if she were to enter the Kingsguard, she would have to work closely with such people. This is still her first year, and she is not ready. That is all.”

Gawain paused for a moment and then continued.

“Unfortunately, it is still all but decided. She will go to the Kingsguard eventually. That is the prince’s wish. And it is not something we magicians can do anything about.”

He said as he looked at Luke.

“Though, I suppose you will still not give up.”
“Yes. I think that there is always a way.”
“What do you mean to do?”
“Judging by how the prince is moving, his real wish is to provide Noelle with the best place to grow. If that’s the case, then I just need to show that being next to me is such a place.”

Said Luke.

“During the games. If through my cooperation, she fights in a way that far exceeds His Highness’s expectations, then I may be able to do something about this situation. It is possible.”
“I see. Well, I’m relieved that you’re going in a proper direction, at least.”
“What direction were you expecting?”
“Maybe you would abduct her and flee to the ends of the world.”
“I would not do that. My only wish is for her to be happy.”

Luke said with a shrug before continuing.

“Though, I’m sure some will still take issue with it.”
“Well, things always feel more dangerous when you get involved.”
“But as I said before, I intend to act towards my own happiness now. In order to stay by her side. I don’t care if that means opposing His Highness. I will not back down.”
“I see.”

Gawain smiled.

“Then give it all you got. And have no regrets.”

Even as he nodded, he realized that he was lying to himself.
If he lost her, then regardless of how it happened, he would not be able to avoid feeling regret.

And no matter how hard he worked, no sense of achievement or satisfaction would be able to make up for the loss.

That was why he had to give it everything he had.

She was more important than anything.
And he knew that there was nothing that could replace her.

He would not back down, no matter who he faced.

(So, where should I begin…)

Currently, she was likely quite shaken by the prince’s decision to have her enlisted.
Her opponent was to be the Holy Blade, one of the strongest knights in the kingdom. The difference in power would be staggering.

She was outclassed.
It would be natural to feel like you were defeated before the fight had even begun.

However, that was no good.
She would not be able to fight.

The problem was…how she could overcome this obstacle.

And so Luke started to work out a plan.
And then the doors of his study burst open.

She entered with a serious expression and said,

“I want to win this fight. Help me.”

He was surprised by these unexpected words.

(Really. You always…)

He nearly smiled, but then forced it back.
And after putting down his cup of tea, he said,

“Leave it to me.”

There was an insurmountable wall in front of her.
No one thought that she could win, and even Luke understood that it would be a severe battle.

Still, he had no intention of giving up.

No one would get in his way. For the one person who was more important than anything.
In order to stay by her side.

It didn’t matter if the Holy Blade or crown prince was against him. He would fight back if they were in his way.

Luke Waldstein decided.

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