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Mr. Ekenhart decided how to deal with Mark

I nodded while listening to Sebastian speak with Mark.
While I had never seen it, the beastkin had built the country that they live in.
The orcs and trolls that I knew would not be capable of doing such a thing. And while beastkin looked a little different, they were mostly very similar to humans.

“Now, since we know what the situation is… What should we do with him?”

Sebastian said as he turned to Mr. Ekenhart.
Even if this Deam had been giving orders, it didn’t change the fact that Mark had thrown the rock.
Besides, that had resulted in Leo getting angry and creating a scene.
In some ways, I was more sympathetic than I was with Nick, but unlike that time, Liza had actually been hurt, and the people of Ractos had seen what Leo was like when she was angry.

With Nick, he was now working at Mr. Kalis’s store after apologizing to the people he had troubled.

“Mr. Takumi. Do you have any suggestions?”
“You want me to decide?”
“No, but your opinion will be taken into account. It would be best for me to decide here.”
“I see. Very well… In that case, I would make him understand about beastkin and apologize to Liza. And swear that he will never do anything like that again…”

Unlike the time with Nick, they could not let me handle it entirely.
Well, back then, it had mostly been my own herbs that were damaged.
Mr. Ekenhart listened to me and closed his eyes, deep in thought.
And then after some time, he opened his eyes again.

“I will keep Mark here for now. You can tell the people in Ractos that he was punished severely.”
“You, Mr. Ekenhart?”

The two guards nodded.

“Yes. I will assign someone to escort him back to the main house. And there, he will be dealt with severely.”
“To the main house…? And severely…”
“Hehehe. He will wish he had just been punched a few times…”

The corner of Mr. Ekenhart’s mouth raised as he laughed evilly, causing Mark to let out a short scream.
Sebastian was sighing as he shook his head…like he had given up.

“Well, I will explain it to you later, Mr. Takumi. Now, take him away!”
“Aye! Excuse me!”

At Mr. Ekenhart’s command, the guards picked up Mark and dragged him away.
He must have had an idea of what was going to happen to him, as Mark shuddered anxiously as they headed out of the gates.

“So, what are you going to do? I wasn’t able to have him apologize to Liza…”
“And I apologize for that, Mr. Takumi. However, I think it is too early for that. Even if you did make him apologize now, it would only be due to the pressure of this house and Deam.”
“Well…that is true.”

He had obeyed Deam for all of this time, and so even if we explained that he was wrong about beastkin, he would likely not believe us completely.
He might apologize if the duke gave the order, but it would not be sincere.
And he might still believe the lies that Deam had told him.

“Mr. Takumi. This is the master’s bad habit.”
“Bad habit?”
“Yes. It had been hiding recently, due to you and Lady Tilura, but…”
“Do not say that, Sebastian. Surely it is a good thing, ultimately?”
“…Well, perhaps.”
“What do you mean to do?”

As I talked with Mr. Ekenhart, Sebastian approached with an exasperated expression.
What did he mean…bad habit?
Well, judging by what I had seen of Mr. Ekenhart up until now, it was not too strange that he had some bad habits…

“I mean to train him back at the main house. Of course, knowledge is also important, so he will have to study. Especially about the beastkin.”
“Training… Like how Tilura and I have been training?”
“That…is when I’m holding back.”
“Mr. Takumi. His Grace finds great pleasure in training people. He is very special.”
“You are very unjust, Sebastian. It is because of me that all of the guards here are so competent.”
“…It’s true that they are all serious workers. Whenever His Grace finds someone with potential, he attempts to train them thoroughly.”

Apparently, Mr. Ekenhart was going to train Mark.
Indeed, he had been living in the slums, and showed quite a fighting spirit even after being arrested.
I didn’t know if that meant he had potential, but given what he had experienced up until now, he could probably survive in harsh environments.

“But how is that a punishment?”
“Well, that is just something to say on the surface. It would look bad if they were not punished harshly. Some people in Ractos might even think that he was executed.”
“And after he caused such a scene, there will not be any opposition.”
“Hmm. Hehe… Though, Mark himself may eventually wish that he was executed…”

Mr. Ekenhart said with a smile.
How strict did he intend to be…
Mr. Ekenhart was already training me and Tilura… Would it really be that different?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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