Ken yo, kaku katariki – 20

20 – Spring Arrives

Finally, the time had come.
A month had passed since my grand arrival to the city, and it was now the day that I would first head to the academy as an instructor.

Speaking of which, there was no set uniform for instructors. And so I just wore my casual clothes.
A white linen shirt and a black blade proof jacket. Ms. Sylt had recommended the jacket to me. You could wear it regardless of the season by just changing the material inside, which made it very useful.

There was also a black coat that I bought, because I thought it looked cool. However, it went into storage in less than a week.
After all, the old capital was very warm. Of course, the climate would not be the same as the mountains.

And on my hands, I had black gloves made from monster leather.
Aside from improving my grip on the sword, there were also scales from the black dragon used to protect the back of my hands.
They looked just like ordinary gloves, but had the durability to block attacks if necessary. And they could double as weapons as well.

However, when wearing these gloves, I felt like some kind of edgy teenager.
But they were easy to use, so I just had to bear it…

“The academy is huge…”

I had imagined something on a much smaller scale, but it was more impressive than the universities in Japan. The walls were so high, that I thought it was a castle.
Apparently, the place was made to withstand a siege if necessary. That was a military school for you.

The area it covered was also increible, though I heard that the school building only covered about twenty percent of the land. Most of it was a training field.
Well, they were supposedly firing off magic all of the time, as well as guns and setting off bombs. So it was necessary to have this much space.

“You must be Mr. Yukito. We’ve been waiting for you.”

After passing through the gates, I climbed up the slope and reached the front of the academy building. A woman in an immaculate suit was waiting for me there.
Wait? Was I supposed to wear a suit too?
However, her expression did not move a millimeter as she gestured for me to follow her.

“The President will see you now. Please come this way.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Was this going to be alright? I wondered as I followed after her.

The inside of the academy really did resemble photos I had seen of castles. I’m pretty sure the University of Cambridge in England looked like this. The ceiling was high, the hallways had stone floors, and there was an aged look to everything.
The cafeteria I had seen from the window appeared to be a much newer building. So perhaps it was just the schoolhouse that was old.

The building was two stories high and separated into East and West wings.
The East wing’s first floor was designated for lower-level students, the 1st and 2nd-year students, while the second floor was designated for upper-level students, 3rd and 4th-year students’ classrooms.
I was currently in the West wing, where the faculty offices, classrooms for specialized subjects and laboratories were located, as well as club rooms.
Furthermore, outside, there was a training facility, experiment building, cafeteria, and large gym, among other things.
The size was probably comparable to several Tokyo Domes, though, as they wouldn’t know what Tokyo Dome is, I could not ask about it.

“Here we are.”

The room I was led to was spacious and serene.
In the far back, an elderly woman stood with a calm air. Our eyes met, and she offered her hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yukito. I am Mireiyu.”

“I’m glad to finally meet you, President Mireiyu.”

We shook hands, and I noted that her grip was a lot stronger than what I would expect from a woman of her age.
Her posture was also so straight… But she did have one feature that was unmissable. Her ears were pointed.

An elf? An old elf? Didn’t they live for a thousand years? But President Mireiyu smiled as if to tell me to stop prying. I’m sorry.

“I have heard the stories from the count. He says that you’ve been teaching Ms. Orlando.”

“Uh, yes.”

Yes, after the incident, I had been teaching her for about a month.
She grew very quickly, and I was sure that I’d have little to teach her soon enough.
Also, the Count provided me with a salary. A shocking 300,000 flau a month. And so I took my job very seriously.

Flau was the currency they used in this country. It was close to the yen, but a little higher. You could live just fine with 200,000 a month.
As an instructor at the academy, I would receive 400,000 flau. So it would be a total of 700,000… Only, this day marked the end of Ms. Iria’s private lessons.
It would not be fair to the other students, and I would also not have time for my own training.

“Her teacher says that she has grown tremendously in such a short amount of time. So I shall have high expectations for you.”

“Haha… Well, that is…due to Ms. Iria’s own talents, I would think.”

“Having talent is one thing, being able to improve is another. But that is our duty. “

Oh, damn it. Ahaha…
President Mireiyu was looking at me with great intensity, and all I could do was laugh awkwardly.

“Now… I will start by explaining to you about this academy.”

“Thank you.”

I had heard quite a lot already, but had no reason to object now.

“At the Viskinel Officer Academy, there are primarily three classes. Combat, Science, and Engineering.”

I knew this.
For instance, Ms. Iria and Rev were in Combat, while Ms. Sherry, the president of the Student Council, was in Science.

“As you will be working as an instructor of swords, you will obviously be in Combat. And only for students who have chosen the Swordsmanship course.”

“I see.”

So it was not everyone. I nodded immediately.
For instance, it was not a waste for a spear-wielder to learn how to handle a sword. There were things you learned by using something for the first time. And it might come in handy if you had to fight with a sword later on.

However, that was only true for veterans.
It was best to first focus on something you were good at.

“By the way, are you aware of the Combat Technique Tournament, Mr. Yukito?”


I shook my head. ‘I see,’ the President nodded.

“Well, there is such a thing. So just keep it in mind, as most of the students are training in order to compete in it.”

She said that the tournament was held in the Summer.
Was it like a National High School Tournament?
Neither the Count or Ms. Iria had told me about it…

After that, she told me the details—such as confidentiality obligations—of the contract, and month’s schedule etcetera.
Work hours were not terribly long. You could even say they were short.
While there were lessons every day, I was only teaching swords, so it made sense.

Sometimes, the classes would be separated into morning and evening, and so I would have to find ways to kill the time in between.

“Now, without further ado, I want you to start with your lessons today.”

“Yes, of course.”

I would do my best to be deserving of my salary…
Still, the idea of being called a teacher still felt strange to me.

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