Ken yo, kaku katariki – 33

33 – Invitation to Battle

After some time had passed; a day when Summer was near.

“You want me to participate in the Combat Technique Tournament?”

I tilted my head with confusion at the Count’s words.
‘Ah,’ he muttered with a nod, and then handed me an envelope that he picked up from the desk.

“Did you know that it’s required that you have a recommendation?”


“Well, here is one. Most of the nobles in this country have the right to recommend someone for the tournament. Of course, most do not use it.”

That’s not what is important.
I’m wondering why you are recommending me.

“Of course, if the person who is recommended wins, that noble’s status…will rise as well.”

“So you want me to win?”

“Well, to put it simply.”

He chuckled. It did not seem like him.
While he had that terrible side that those in authority were known for, it always seemed like there was a line he would not cross. I did not think he was someone who would ask me to win for him.

“Of course, that is not the only reason. Normally, I would not want to ask such a thing of you.”

He crossed his long legs and chuckled. He then directed his palm upwards and opened his mouth.

“I happened to hear that you are interfering with Lady Aize Lilieth’s affairs.”

“Ms. Aize…?”

Why was he talking about her?

“I happen to know that her betrothed, Viscount Fobius, will not withdraw so easily. And so I want you to take part in a little deception.”

“He-hey, wait a minute.”

I froze, not understanding what was happening. The Count looked at me as if this was very strange.

“Did…you not hear about it from my daughter?”

“Uh, um. Hear what?”

‘That girl.’ The Count grumbled and shook his head.
And after sighing, he began to explain.

According to him…
After learning of Ms. Aiza’s situation, Ms. Iria had immediately reported it to her father. This was around one year ago.
And she had asked the Count to do something about it.

“I had not been able to fulfill any of my daughter’s requests for several years now. And so I was determined to do it this time.”

After some research, he found out just what kind of terrible person this Viscount Fobius was.
A debauched lifestyle that was far from noble, living a life of revelry and indulging in alcohol and feasting.

Such a person should be allowed to be part of the imperial nobility.

The nobility must set an example for the world…
Those were the words left behind by the former great ruler once known as the Redheart Emperor, and were seen as a guideline for nobility to this day.
Especially for nobles who were in the military. This was an absolute core value, and individuals like Viscount Fobius could never be forgiven under any circumstances.

And among the military nobles, Count Orlando was one of the more powerful.

“However, he has a crafty way of doing things. His actual work is conducted without issue, and he has been good at destroying evidence. That is why he has not been exposed. Damn it…I wonder how many there are like him? So clever when it comes to wicked deeds.”

If he slowly and meticulously set a trap, he might be able to take him down eventually.
However, considering Ms. Aize, there was no time for that.

And so the Count had chosen a more direct method.

—Withdraw your hand from Aize Lilieth. He had essentially sent out a warning.

“It was meant as a light threat, but…it was completely ignored.”

Of course, he could not actually do anything. That was a last resort.

“And so that is where you come in.”

“The Combat Technique Tournament?”

“The Viscount loves these kinds of grand events. And I want you to compete in the general division, which gets the most attention. And I want you to win. It would be amazing if you could glare at him when you do.”

“…But Ms. Aize is competing in the general division.”

“As a student. You will be in there as a general competitor.”

Ah, I see.
I thought back on the regulations.

It was separated into two battles, for students, and for general fighters.
There was no restriction for the general battles, but only students could compete in the student battles.
The categories were sword, spear, hand-to-hand combat, and magic. With students, there was also a group battle.

They would fight with real weapons with naked blades.
The reason for this was that they wore magic bracelets which took the damage for them.
When I had heard about these things, I recalled that I really was in another world.

“Just the preliminaries…?”

“No, you cannot quit before the finals. That is unheard of.”

And it would make the Count look bad.

“Besides, every year, veteran soldiers and Hunters participate. Some of them have incredible skills. Aren’t you interested?”

“…Uh, I suppose.”

If I was being honest, I was quite excited.
Opportunities to fight like this were rare.

“So that is how it is. Good luck.”

That was how it was decided that I would compete in the tournament.
However, Ms. Aize’s problem now seemed like it would be resolved quite easily. Ms. Iria and the Count were invincible. Perhaps my help was not needed from the beginning.

I can’t believe I told Ms. Iria that ‘there were other ways.’
When it was mostly resolved by that point already. This was so embarrassing.

“…By the way, have I ever asked you about your grandfather?”

“Yes. But we aren’t related by blood.”

“He found you in the mountains, and you trained under him. Does that mean…he surpasses even you?”


He had probably become even stronger since then. I could not slow down now.
As I thought of such things, the Count also became silent as if in thought. And then he muttered, ‘surely not…’
While I was curious, he then shook his head and changed the subject.

“So, how are things going at the academy?”

“I would say that things are going well. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising, but I am looking forward to seeing how many of the students do in the future.”

“I am glad to hear that from you. And you are teaching spears and martial arts now as well?”

“Uh…a little…”

Because of that, I have had little time for my own training recently.
But teaching was also training in a way, so it wasn’t bad.
Even if it was only until the tournament, that was still more than a month away.

“The other teachers have also spoken highly of you. The President was especially happy, as she expects good results for the school this year in the tournament.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Haha. But please don’t add anything else.

“So…how is my daughter?”

“Ms. Iria is amazing.”

Her training was going smoothly. She had shown tremendous growth in the past few months. If I were to compare her to people I knew, she had probably reached Mr. Sylt’s level.
Ms. Aize was the same. You could say that they were a good match for each other.

“I hope that you will be watching too, Count. I think you will be amazed at what you see.”

“I am looking forward to it.”

He laughed and raised his cup.

—At this point, I did not know it yet.
That the tournament he was looking forward to, would end with such a result.

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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