My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 430

Leo finished her sausages

Once we were finished talking, Ms. Claire and Mr. Ekenhart left the dining hall. They decided to sleep early, as they had a busy day tomorrow.
But before leaving, they asked for some herbs to help them sleep, and so I had a maid bring me my bag from my room, and I handed the herbs to them.
Since they had stayed up late because of me, this was the least that I could do.
…Though, I was starting to run out of them, and so I would have to grow more and restock tomorrow.

“Chomp…chomp… Wuff. Wou?”
“You finished eating then? Everyone has already left, you know?”

Leo had now finished eating all of the sausages on her plate, and she let out a sigh of satisfaction.
She then finally noticed that Ms. Claire and the others were gone, and she tilted her head with a puzzled expression.
Just how absorbed were you in your food, Leo… Even if it was her favorite food, it was hard to imagine that she was detecting every little sound in the slums a short while ago.

“Well, aren’t you thirsty? You have to drink some water too.”
“Wuff! Glug-glug…”

Sebastian had left a bowl of water when leaving, and so I put it on the floor for Leo to drink.
Milk would have been fine as well, but after all the work and eating so much sausages, water would be better for quenching her thirst.

“Mr. Takumi… About Lady Liza…”
“What about her?”

As I watched Leo eagerly drinking the water, one of the maids who had stayed approached me.
I had left Liza in Ms. Lyra’s care. Had something happened?

“According to Lyra, she became lonely shortly after you and Leo left…. She is currently resting in your room.”
“I see… Perhaps it was still too early to separate?”
“While Lyra was with her, she started to miss you and Leo when she became sleepy. I am very sorry that we failed to keep her satisfied.”
“No, not at all. She is still young. Thank you for taking care of her. We could ask for nothing more.”

This maid was older than Ms. Lyra, and might have been the head maid.
After all, I had seen her close to Ms. Claire several times.

Regardless, I was surprised that Liza was still like that, since she seemed quite fond of Ms. Lyra…
She was starting to act more relaxed and less reserved in the mansion.
I suppose it was when she started to sleep, that she suddenly started to miss us again.

“Oh, you finished drinking. Are you satisfied?”
“Well, let’s return to the room then. Apparently, Liza is waiting for us.”

Leo sighed with satisfaction after drinking all of the water.
And so I told her that we were returning to our room.
Leo nodded, and we left the dining hall.

“Mr. Takumi. Leo. Welcome back.”
“Ms. Lyra.”

When we entered the room, Ms. Lyra was sitting on the side of the bed, but she rose to greet us.
After greeting her, I looked to the back and saw that Liza was sleeping peacefully.
Leo entered the room after me, and was about to bark loudly, but then saw that Liza was sleeping, and so she greeted Ms. Lyra quietly.

“I see that Liza is sleeping. I was told that she became lonely.”
“Yes. After you left, we spent some time in the room that was prepared for her, but… She seemed to become anxious shortly after. And she wanted to return to this room…”
“I see… I guess it will take more time then.”
“Wuff? Wuff-wuff.”
“Leo, don’t wake her up, okay?”

After returning to the mansion, a maid had taken our things back to the room.
And so my swords were here, and they were probably washing the wet clothes and coat.
But now that I thought of it, there actually was a room just for Liza.

They had been waiting there at first, but then Liza wanted to return to this room to sleep.
I suppose it was because this was where she had slept after she first came here.
And she sometimes had bad dreams, and liked to hold onto Leo…
She was still young, after all. So it was not much of a surprise.

Leo had moved towards the bed, and was peering into Liza’s face, so I had to warn her to not wake her up.
But Leo understood, and barked quietly.
I suppose she had become worried after hearing that Liza was lonely without us.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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