My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 433

Phillip came to watch our training

“His Grace and Sebastian said that I should come and check up on you two. Especially, you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Mr. Takumi?”

So Phillip had come to see us after being asked by Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian… I wonder why?

“His Grace wondered that something might have changed with the way you think after last night’s events.”
“The way I think?”
“What happened last night?”
“And from what I saw at a distance…you did seem a little different.”

I had spoken to Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian after returning to the mansion. And perhaps they had sensed a change come over me.
Perhaps it was my regret over how things went with Deam…
There were definitely times when I thought I was acting normal, but others found me easy to read.
…They had even known I meant to go to the slums.

“I have watched you train with the master occasionally, and at Range village as well. And you seem more determined now.”

I didn’t know that much about Phillip, but he was the leader of the guard at this mansion.
I had not noticed him observing me before, but I suppose there were things he was able to see from it.
As for Tilura, she knew nothing about last night, and Phillip did not enlighten her. And so she puffed out her cheeks in annoyance.
Right now, they wanted her to focus on her studies and sword training. It was too early for her to be concerned with other issues.

Perhaps Tilura also understood that we were hiding things, and couldn’t help but be sulky about it.
She probably wanted to be treated like a grown up.
I had been like that at her age.

“Mr Takumi… Do you know what is important when fighting?”
“The most important thing?”

Phillip usually talked in a more casual, amused way, but his eyes were very serious now.
As for the question… Sebastian had told me that it wasn’t just about defeating your opponent, and that it was sometimes important to run away.
Survival was more important than anything.

“That I survive. And protect who I want to protect… I think?”
“Hmm. I see. Then let me ask you this… Say, a blade is rushing towards someone you wish to protect. And it is unlikely that you will make it in time to stop it… What will you do? Obviously, no one will conveniently appear to help. You have no hidden powers, and you cannot block the attack.”

For instance, if Deam’s sword was swinging towards Ms. Claire or Liza…
I had fought him recently, so I used him in this scenario.

What would I do…
Deam’s sword had been heavy.
He had put all of his weight behind it, after all. And there was no way that I could block it from the side.
And Leo would not be able to help me.
I had to do something on my own.

“…I suppose I would knock the person I wanted to protect out of the way, and get hit in their place…”
“I see. That would indeed be an effective way to protect someone. However, you will then be wounded or even die. And then the enemy will be free to attack their original target. And you won’t be able to do anything about it.”
“That’s true…”

As I had not done anything about the enemy, the outcome would be the same in the end.
So, what could I do…

“Perhaps you could ignore the enemy’s sword, and just swing at the enemy with all of your might instead. But it’s possible that you won’t be able to do it before the person you want to protect is cut down.”
“Indeed… That would not be a good move.”
“But you could avoid the death of everyone. Sacrificing one person will lead to protecting yourself.”

I understood what he was saying.
If sacrificing one person could save myself and others, then it may be necessary.
However…if I was ever in that situation…I felt that I would still want to protect that person.
That was just my personality.

“I know it was a mischievous question… But the point is that the situation will change with every fight. There will be times when you must protect someone. Times when you have to defeat an enemy. Times when you have to abandon friends and survive.”
“Yes, that’s true.”

It really was a mischievous question, given there wasn’t even a right answer. Because it changed based on the situation.
There was no real answer.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. I’m really starting to dislike this sword training nonsense. Instead of learning how to be mediocre at using a sword, he can learn what the extent of his gift is. Just stay by Leo for self defense.

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