Cave King – 103


“How rude of you. I can do anything, be it farming or mining. However, if I were to have a choice in the matter…I do have a suggestion.”


“Would you make me your diplomat? Aside from Sanfaris, other countries will be hostile towards you. However, some may also want to enter an alliance with Sheorl…”

“I see…diplomacy…”

As we were a remote island, we didn’t share borders with any country.

However, Sheorl could still use the seas to trade with other countries.

Furthermore, if Sanfaris were considering attacking us, having allies would be a good deterrent.

On the other hand, allies could also act as mediators when making peace treaties or agreements.

“Yes, it will probably be necessary to have diplomats… But we will all have to decide together on who we will form relationships with. If you will talk with everyone about it before deciding, then I would like for you to take on that role.

Leila was the daughter of a duke, which meant she had a lot of clout on the continent and in the social world.

Besides, her family once ruled an empire. And so she was well known and had some authority.

But more than anything, Leila always remained cool and did not show her emotions.

So she was perfect for the job of a diplomat.

Leila listened to me and nodded.

“Leave it to me. I will always get permission before starting negotiations. And I shall leave a record of conversations and the results… Yes, there will be a proper department for it.”

“I see. Then I have nothing to worry about then. The position is yours, Leila.”

“Thank you. I’m sure that I will be able to build relationships that will be beneficial to this island.”

“Yes, thank you… I know. We might as well decide on the official cabinet ministers as well.” 

In fact, we had very general roles given out already, such as Baris being Prime Minister, and Kamyu being the Minister of the Navy. However, if we were going to call ourselves a country, it would be good to make everything official for the outside.

Leila gazed at the island and opened her mouth.

“In that case, you should have buildings made for each department.”

“That…well, Baris is in charge of construction now. They are going to build a palace. So if there is any facility that you require, you should tell Baris or Rienna.”

“Very well. I have to speak to Rienna about something anyway. I think I will go now.”

“Ah, oh… By the way, Leila. About the engagement…”

It was best to make it clear.

I had a lot of respect and even affection for her.

However, the engagement was something our parents decided.

Surely there was so much to see and learn first…

However, Leila ignored me and quickly started walking in the direction that Baris and Rienna were.

“…Well, a few days with me and she’ll change her mind.”

After all, I was an indecisive man. And easily swayed.

Leila was quite the opposite. Always calm, but quick to assess the situation and make swift decisions. She was smart.

…We were so unalike. We couldn’t be more different if we tried.

It was with such thoughts that I prepared to go to the storage houses with the Ryukin.

From this day, everyone was working on the island in order to increase the number of ‘humans’ here.

First, Kamyu set sail for the Amolis Republic in order to gather emigrants.

Furthermore, Ril and Mel studied magic in order to disguise themselves as humans.

On the other hand, a single ship left the docks of Sanfaris. 

It was headed towards Sheorl.

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  1. Does it contain Dearest daddy? Be is as it may, him smiling a few chapters back may have been because he’s proud of his son, trash crest or otherwise.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. OK phew. After reading the title I initially feared that they’d make Mappa their diplomat. Good thing Leila will be instead.

    Heal needs to give up and accept his fate. He’s gonna have a harem of waifus whether he likes it or not.

    That Sanfaris ship is probably going to be carrying some asshole noble. Hopefully a leviathan or kraken eats them before they reach Sheorl.

  3. So does this mean she only likes him because she knew he was gonna be king or emperor that’s kinda messed up a gold digger in a sense

    • Heal is pretty pathetic before and even now what he can offer?

      And she saw that with him she can make her dream a reality,also you are forgetting that they were engaged and she respect him

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