Cave King – 48


“I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far. But Little Mappa doesn’t think it’s safe otherwise. And so he is agonizing over it.”

“I guess he’s a perfectionist or it’s his pride as a craftsman… Hmm? Mappa?”


Mappa was looking at me while banging his right fist into his left hand.

But judging by the bright expression on his face, he must have had an idea.

He gestured for Kamyu and I to follow him, and he guided us to where the blocks of Mithril were piled up into a large heap.


“What is it?”


I asked, and Mappa pointed to a nearby furnace.

But I didn’t see how all of it would fit inside…


“No, wait… I get it!”

“Hmm? Did you find a good method, Lord Heal?”

“Yeah… But…Mappa. Melting it down might be easy. But what about processing it?”


I asked with some concern, but Mappa just replied by slapping his arm.


“‘Leave it to me,’ I suppose… Fine. Let’s do it!”


And so my hands moved towards the blocks of Mithril.


Yes, if I couldn’t heat them in the furnace all at once, I could just use magic.

Of course, I was not able to shape them after that.

But Mappa could.


Mappa and I traded glances, and then I unleashed some fire magic onto the blocks of Mithril.

And then, Mappa used bars to stretch them out, and then he hammered them at a speed that my eyes could not follow.


He then started to pour water over the Mithril.


“Oh, I’ll pour the water!”


Kamyu said. And so Mappa pointed to where the water was kept.

Like this, he repeated the process of hammering and cooling over and over again.


Eventually, the Mithril was stretched out like a carpet, and it had completely lost its original shape.


As I watched, it slowly turned into the shape of a ship. And before I knew it, a single giant sheet of Mithril had been completed.


“Ohh! This!”


The orcs looked on in amazement and cheered loudly.


I couldn’t help but clap my hands as well.

I never would have thought we would be able to make this with such a barebones facility.


That being said, all I had done was melt them down… It was barely anything.

And yet Mappa had made it so quickly.

And he didn’t even use a blueprint.


“You never fail to impress me…”


Mappa gave me a thumbs up, as if he were quite satisfied with his work.


The orcs, who had previously been too scared to go on a sea voyage, were now knocking on the Mithril plate and sighing in relief.


In any case, it seemed that our worries regarding the ship were over.


“Lord Heal! That was amazing!”


Kamyu said as she made her way through the crowd and tried to hug me. I gracefully avoided her.


“…It’s Mappa who is amazing. And you and your men for building the ship. I just helped a little.”


And it was the truth too… And even if I had done something that I should be proud of, what did that have to do with getting a hug?


Kamyu pouted with annoyance but quickly seemed to notice something more important.


“Lord Heal… What is that thing on your shoulder?”

“Huh? Do you mean Ril… What?”


As I turned my head to the right, I saw a small bird with a yellow beak and red eyes.


The little bird stuck out its tongue and then licked my face.

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  1. it hatched!

    and if the guess of it being a phoenix is right, seeing someone just use a big fire magic right after birth, he is designated as parent

  2. Huh, wait, did they just create a huge, twodecker-sized metal sheet inside the smithy? How’re they gonna bring that out?

    • I don’t know if the smithy is actually inside a room, or underground. It might be an open air smithy, but even if they have to smash some walls, a huge boat shaped mythril object deserves that.

  3. And another character joins the party. Barely number 48, yet so many new characters I’m loosing track. Oh well, it’s entertaining to read.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. Why not use the leviathan scales? Using the valuable mithril for protecting the boat is just wasting it, if a creature of that size attacked again they could just tip the boat over and destroy the wooden parts instead, the only thing thats changed is that people will now see a former orc pirate gang, a rare beautiful angel woman AND a ship that looks like it is made out of silver (mithril).
    I dont see any merit here other than the orcs being able to put on their grown-ups pants, that leviathan is so rare that not a single orc pirate for several generations have even seen nor heard about it except in drunken tales and myths.

    I can understand the trauma from the encounter but.. Yeah im having a hard time accepting the logic behind this event i guess.. :/

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/

  5. I hope it’s a Phoenix too. It kinda remind me about Rudy, Dungeon Predator korean novel’s phoenix character.

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