Flower Field Demon King – 30


“Well, that certainly sounds very tempting when you put it like that. But surely there is a catch?”

“I won’t say…that there isn’t. For instance…the hemp that I prepared has very little narcotic substances, but it still has some. Furthermore, if there is hemp that happens to have a lot, then seeds that grow after being pollinated by it will have even more narcotic substances.”


Hmm. Well, that was frightening.

All it would take was some wild birds to eat the seeds and then leave their droppings in the fields.


“However, the merits far outweigh anything else. In fact, we can stand here all day while I speak about them.”

Qudels talked to the worried Adelia in the voice of a gentle demon.


“For instance, if we worked now and improved the soil, you could plant both wheat and beans. If you did this, you would be able to secure just enough food for the winter.”

If that were possible, then the amount of food they’d require for this project would be greatly reduced.

That was a great merit indeed.


Still, Adelia hesitated.

Her eyes moved from side to side. It was as if she were going back and forth and trying to come to a decision.

Qudels just smiled and watched over her.


“…Are you still concerned? However, there are no methods that don’t come with some risks and demerits.”

“In other words, you are saying that I must figure out how to work in spite of them?”

Qudels didn’t move. However, his eyes, which reminded her of a deep forest, looked straight into her.


“It’s your choice. You have your own way of doing things.”

But is your way really the more efficient?

And at what point will you make compromises with your ideals?


Qudels was saying that she had to decide that now.


However, all that did was push Adelia further into the valley of distress.

As an administrator, Qudels was a strict instructor.


“I need…some time to think.”

She was still young, and the answer would not come quickly.

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  1. He’s definitely going to end up growing a new Kingdom or Empire right under the noses of both the Demon Lords and the local Kingdom. Moreso if he ends up attracting even more gods and goddesses.

    But I do support what I said earlier; played right, just having those two deities lending their blessings can quickly support both the dark side and light side of a thriving city. Harvests, fertility, and lust blessings from Moral aiding crops, pregnancies, and red light districts. Earth and war blessings from Darten empowering the defenses and the guardsmen. Administration handled by Qudels and Adelia.

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