Flower Field Demon King – 31

Chapter 31


The next day. Adelia appeared at work, looking strangely refreshed.

Yesterday, she had always been furrowing her brows and murmuring to herself. There wasn’t a shadow of any of that now. She looked like she would start humming at any moment.


She took a seat at her desk and immediately addressed Qudels.

“Oh? Judging by your attitude, I assume that you’ve come to a conclusion?”

“Yes. It took me the whole night, but now I understand what it is that I must do.”


Qudels nodded. Then he picked up a huge pile of papers from off his desk and laid them in front of Adelia’s desk.


“Now, allow me to explain how we can…”

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

Adelia pressed Qudels’s hand down as he began to open them. She smiled at him and said,


“Before we begin, would you listen to my answer?”

“Very well.”

Then Adelia took in a deep breath as if to calm herself. Then she said in a voice that lacked a hint of hesitation.


“I want you to make hemp that has no narcotic substances in them at all. 

If you cannot do that, then we will have to come up with a different solution. I will not allow the villagers to pay the price of risks that I take.”


Most people would say she was whining or being too idealistic.

It might have sounded nice, but it wasn’t the kind of answer you would give if you wanted results.


“Can I say just one thing?”


Qudels sighed. Adelia squeezed her hands behind her back, waiting for him to refuse.


“You’re very green.”

“Yes, I am just a young girl. But we youth are allowed to be green and foolish. It’s our right.”

It was ideal, but inefficient and perhaps not even possible. Yet that was her decision.

It would be easy to call her foolish, but there was a beauty in taking such a path.


“Do you really hate words like ‘hope’ and ‘dreams’?”

Adelia asked. Qudels narrowed his eyes.


“No, I like them. But I am usually much too embarrassed to say them out loud.”

He said. Then he tore out a few pages from the document and threw them away. He then handed the rest to her.


“Thanks to you, I’m going to be very busy.”

“I’m sorry. But, I suppose that I’m not an adult just yet.”

She calmly accepted it and started to read through it.

Her eyes narrowed. They were so densely packed with detail that it would be difficult to understand if you just scanned through it. She smiled and stole a glance towards Qudels.


“Besides, there is a reliable adult by my side, isn’t there? And he is able to make my impossible whims come true.”

She said teasingly. Qudels couldn’t help but chuckle.


“You’ve become very good at manipulating others by targeting their pride. And you’ve also toughened up.”

“Yes. Well, I had a good tutor.”

It wasn’t certain if he meant it as a compliment, but she took it as one.

She was a villainous daughter, after all.

After seeing just how much her skin had thickened, Qudels smiled wider.


“That is very good. Some people might say that it is bad to rely on others so much. But I think it’s better to abandon your pride if it is for your own goal. A ruler needs only to decide the direction. Those who are in a position to be used will figure out the rest.”

And then Qudels bowed and then opened his mouth again.


“As the person being used in this instance…will you give me about three days? I may not be able to remove all of the poisonous substances, but I can seal away the effects completely.”



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