Flower Field Demon King – 31


And then three days passed.

Qudels called Adelia to a ravaged field on the outskirts of the village.


“Even if he was able to create new seedlings, he didn’t need to call me out on a day like this. He clearly doesn’t know how to treat a lady.”


They were now well into summer, and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.

In order to fight back the blazing heat, Adelia carried a dainty parasol and wore a shabby straw hat. It was probably due to this unbalanced look that she was feeling annoyed.


Besides, her back was also now covered in sweat, and she was standing by a shack next to the field…

Qudels himself, was nowhere to be seen.

But the villagers who she had met on the way said that they had seen him. So he must be here.

But where was he?


“He had some nerve to call me out here.”

She cursed. As she searched for him, she saw a figure in black robes standing in the ravaged field that was covered in sand and rocks after the flood.


“Hey, leader! What do you mean by calling me out here like this!!”

The person who appeared to be Qudels turned around and gestured for her to come closer.

He wanted her to come.

At first, she considered asking him who he thought he was. But then she remembered that he was actually the leader and she an aide.

She cursed to herself and started to walk towards him.


“Welcome, Miss Adelia.”

“…You called me all the way out here and then treat me like dirt. How are you going to take responsibility if I get sunburnt?”

“Oh, my apologies.”

Qudels snapped his fingers as if her remonstration meant nothing.

Suddenly, the area around them grew dimmer.

Out of nowhere, a giant flower had appeared and created a roof over their heads.

He hadn’t chanted and there were no signs of magic being activated at all.


“I see that you’re still full of surprises. Well, back to the subject at hand… Did you succeed? Did you take the poison out of the plants?”

“Ultimately, yes…you might say that.”

“What do you mean?”

Adelia couldn’t help but be puzzled by the somewhat vague statement.

And so Qudels explained it to her.


“First, it is not possible to remove the poison completely. Even if you got rid of the ones that created them from the area, the birds would bring it from somewhere else.”

“And so?”

Even though this was not a promising start, Adelia listened to him calmly.

After all, he claimed to have done it. And so there was no chance that he was lying or exaggerating.


“And so I am having them eat the plants with the poison in them.”


Qudels pointed at the ground.

Adelia looked where he was pointing but didn’t notice anything strange.

No. On closer inspection, the soil seemed to be moving.


“They are special ticks. They like the effects of the narcotics, you see. Once they detect such a plant nearby, they multiply into great numbers and devour the plant…”



Before Qudels could finish, Adelia realized that she was standing on a carpet of ticks, and she let out a scream that was so sharp it could cut through silk.

As for what Adelia did to Qudels when she woke up…it was not hard to imagine

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