Jack of all Trades – 130


“Alright, let’s do this. I will run at them at a high speed and break through their wall. I’ll do what I can with magic after that, I just need the rest of you to take out the archers.”

“Asagi, that is a very careless plan.”


Hey, I’m not a military strategist. We were just going to have to be okay with this quickly thought of plan. There was no time.


“Well, it’ll be alright. I’m pretty sure their ranks will crumble when I break through. Yeah, that’ll do it.”

“I am not so sure…”

“He does not sound confident at all!”


Angelica and Ness were very worried. But did we have a choice?


“Anyway, Virgil is the leader. Virgil, what should we do?”

“…Yes. If Asagi thinks he can do it, then we should try it. There is no other way.”

“If that’s what Virgil says, then we will do it…well failure here just means that Asagi will turn into a porcupine. And I don’t mind that.”

“Hey, Gardo, that’s a little harsh. I could almost cry.”

“Aye, you should cry! Cry!”


Gardo insisted and everyone laughed. These horrible people. Damn it…well then, I’ll have to show them something they’ve never seen before.


“Good. Then Daniela will create a runway for Asagi. It would be helpful if you could also create a room for the Adventurers to wait in. As it will be difficult for us to all sweep into the hole at once.”

“I can do it if I have potions.”

“Ahh, potions…”


I still had potions on my belt. The ones I got from Daniela.


“Here, use these ones.”

“Use? I am the one who bought them!”

“Hey, don’t hit-, not the ass!”


  □   □   □   □


Now, preparations were complete. Daniela used earth magic to create a room, and there were now twenty-six Adventurers standing within it. We had originally been thirty. Four of the surface team had died…three of them were strong in my memory. The scene of their impaled bodies under the tree was still fresh in my mind. It renewed my resolve to succeed with the current plan.

This room wasn’t the only thing that Daniela had made. She also made me a runway. It went at a downward angle and extended for 200 meters. It was clean and very even, which made it easy to run on. It went straight towards the room where the orcs were waiting, but it was also out of their sight. However, I could see the light from their magic lanterns. Had the runway been level, then there was a chance that they would be able to shoot at me as I ran. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about that. I would be able to reach them without slowing down.


“Alright, I’m ready. Thank you, Daniela.”

“Hmm…everything is good.”


Daniela seemed a little tired as she drained two potions and then rested against a wall. When I called to her she stood up and waited next to Virgil.


“Just as we discussed. Asagi will charge in, and then we will follow.”

“It is very simple. After all, we only have to run.”

“Aye, it’s Asagi who has the difficult part.”

“Indeed. I will probably have to run away if he fails!”


Gardo, Ness, and Angelica joked to lighten the mood. Even if I did succeed, there would be many orcs left to fight. It was important to ensure that we weren’t all too nervous. Though, they weren’t being the most flattering towards me.


“This will be our final battle! Our victory!”



The Adventurers replied. While I kept silent, and I was quite pumped as well. This was my time.


“Asagi, we’re counting on you.”

“Yeah. I’m off then.”


I raised my fist towards Virgil and he raised his own to meet mine.


Then I unsheathed the Glampanzer at my waist along with the Ashikirimaru on my belt. With the swords in hand, I stood on the runway and activated Legs of the Forest Wolf.

Silver and green wind envelopes my legs. Magic flows from my body and enters my equipment. The wind dragon armor has a blessing of the wind and a minor AGI boost enchantment. Legs of the Forest Wolf raises it even further. I was a whirlwind of silver and green. My agility was high. This would be my maximum speed.

My hands grip the swords tightly as I move into a crouching stance. Though the hand that is touching the ground is in a fist. Hahh. I sigh and glare at the downward path ahead of me. As I lean forward, my hood falls over my face. But I don’t pull it back as I continue to look ahead.


“Operation commence!”


At the sound of Virgil’s voice, I flew forward as if being fired. It was a good start. I was at top speed in just three strides as I rushed down the slope. My surroundings sped passed me as I moved as if falling. But it was only for a moment. I thrust both swords in front of me and crossed them as I ended my run in about three seconds. And then I was off of the runway and into the room full of orcs.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Asagi ran too fast and went SPLAT against the opposite wall.
    Of course not. He’s the MC. But that’s one of the way things can go wrong if it isn’t the MC doing it.

  2. 3 seconds!!! 3 effin seconds!! :O

    certainly those three (gardo, ness and angelica) can only joke like that since they have complete trust towards silvergreen.. ^^

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