Jack of all Trades – 156


I would pour the liquid on the open wounds. Of course, it would hurt. As Daniela bit hard on her lower lip, I tilted the bottle. The liquid flowed from the mouth and fell on her arm as white steam rose into the air.




Daniela endured the pain. I had never seen steam rise from a wound like this before, and for a moment I panicked over the possibility of it being acid. However, I then noticed that there was no longer any bones visible. There was red flesh covering them. When I poured more of the potion over it, Daniela’s smooth arm returned to normal.


“It-it healed…!”



Sweat ran down her forehead as she became limp with exhaustion.


“Danila. You should drink the rest.”



As I brought it to her lips, she raised the arm that had been wounded a moment ago and held the bottle herself. I was relieved. Even the smaller wounds she had received from Eve were now healing themselves.


“Hah… Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. Who would have thought she’d start summoning dragons like that? …What should we do?”


Daniela had been traumatized by dragons. She could not fight them…


“We will finish things here. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a dragon here. Can we?”

“But Daniela, don’t you…”

“…Yes. But I have no choice.”


Yes, many people would suffer if we left the dragon as it was. Still, Daniela’s life was more important to me. If Daniela were to die in the fight with the dragon… No, I didn’t even want to think about it.


“I’ll lure the dragon towards me. You take care of Eve.”

“You cannot face a dragon alone!”

“I’ll manage somehow. I’ll do anything to protect you.”


Yes. I had decided it. I would take down anyone who got in my way and eliminate all obstacles. I was ready to kill for her.


“Asagi… Just as you wish to protect me, I also want to protect you.”


“Please do not forget that. I do not want to see you die.”


She felt the same way… Thinking about it brought an irrepressible smile to my face.


“Don’t worry. I won’t die. And neither will you.”

“…Yes. We have always made it through hardships together.”


Yes, no matter the enemy, we had always defeated them and moved forward. This time would be no different.


“We can do this. Right?”

“Aye, there is nothing that can stop us.”


Just then, the dragon’s roar reverberated throughout the town.


It seemed like the wind dragon also had no intention of ignoring us.


“Alright, hold on Daniela. We’re going to go kill that thing!”



Daniela jumped in the air and into my arms like a princess. Then she threw an arm around my neck and held on tight. I had told her to hold on, but I didn’t expect it to be like this… But I wasn’t complaining. It would be worse than embarrassing if I dropped her now!


“Hehe. I will protect you. So fight without worrying.”

“Yes. I’ll protect you. So fight without worrying.”


Our foreheads touched. I could feel determination welling up in me. Right now, a dragon didn’t seem like too bad of an enemy to beat.

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      • maybe…..just maybe…. he just doesn’t want to rely on them too much… not to mention they are Elven relics… so what’s to say Eve were to see him using that?

      • Equipment of OPness are meaningless if you die before using them.
        I believe the phase “use it or loose it” aptly summarizes the current situation…

    • I mean he used his relatively op great sword that can cut through trees when charged with magic power. So it’s not like he used a shitty iron sword.

  1. @memerou: Eve gonna die soon anyway- she won’t be able to tell secrets to anybody…Asagi gonna rip her apart 😅

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