Jack of all Trades – 249


It was a pretty stable job. And unlike me, the manager partied up with many different people as she raised her level. Once she was strong enough, she attached herself to a caravan as a guard and left the country.


“And then I stayed in Lambrusen and traveled. After a while, I just happened to hear your name in a certain town.”


That town turned out to be Spiris. Spiris. The plains. Fiona worked at the guild there. I had many memories attached to the place.

The manager had stopped at the guild and was about to accept a quest, when she heard something most shocking.


“This woman would look at my hair. Then she complimented it and said it was like yours.”


She said with a laugh. I snorted.


“Hahhh… So it was Fiona…”

“Hehe. Yes, she told me many things.”


Our meeting and things we had talked about. And a lot more. While this had been quite the surprise for both of them, they hit it off well and became friends. While I was happy to hear that my acquaintances were getting along, I was a little worried about whatever lies they were telling each other.


“To think the boring part-timer would turn into a heartbreaker.”

“I’d rather not talk about that…”


That scene hadn’t been very fun. It was kind of a miracle I had gotten through it. And it was not the thing you wanted to be reminded of.


The manager lived comfortably in Spiris after that, until Fiona gave her some unexpected news.


“‘Rindo. I hear that Asagi is in the Imperial Capital!’ She stormed into my room with this information. And so I left the town.”


I had sent a letter the night before we found the ruins. It was a simple letter telling about our route after leaving Spiris. I had left it to be delivered at the guild. I hadn’t really wanted Daniela to know about it. Yes, we had promised to write, but it didn’t really seem like something I would do… Or so I assumed, anyway… And I had only done it out of a begrudging sense of duty.

But that letter had eventually reached Spiris and found its way into Fiona’s hands. So that was how the manager found out. And then she came to the capital as fast as she could.


“First, I had to go to the capital. But I didn’t have enough money. So I completed quests along the way and would constantly hear rumors about you. They talked of the newcomer who killed two wyverns. The pair that stopped a stampede. It was all very boring, and it only got worse when I reached the capital.”


I wasn’t too happy about the rumors myself, but she looked oddly amused as she talked.


“You helped the group of Adventurers who stopped the orc army. And then you faced a lesser wyvern that had attacked a village, and killed it with a single hit. Oh, and then there was the  Adventurer who purged a town of bandits that even the Empire hadn’t touched. The Adventurer who turned a great wolf into a block of ice. It was all you.”


Well, perhaps I hadn’t been keeping a low profile in any way. Besides, I knew that there were a lot of false rumors about me, and the fact that she only stated the right ones suggested she had heard from many people and determined which were credible.


“Of course, I just had to come and see you then. And I knew I would find you here. It’s been lonely here. But knowing there was someone else from my old world was a tremendous encouragement. It motivated me to come here.”


She stopped there and looked at me for a second before glancing towards Daniela, who was sitting silently between us all of this time.


“I had heard that you were partnered with ‘Lightwind.’ But who would think you’d ever have a girlfriend.”

“Uh, heh, yeah.”

“…A girlfriend…”


She repeated the words with a sigh.


…That wasn’t good. I think.

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    I robber stabbed me during my shift and some voice rang in my head as I was dying. -> The robber stabbed me during my shift and some voice rang in my head as I was dying.

    Thanks for the treat.

  2. Man talk about bad luck. Rindo was just working one day when she just suddenly and randomly got blooped to a snowing mountain in another world in just a shirt and shorts.

    Not Rindo too. Asagi should just get the Heartbreaker alias instead of Silvergreen.

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