Jack of all Trades – 250


In any case, I could not reciprocate. The words just needed to come out of my mouth… But the atmosphere here was so…


Uh… Heinrich was running around… Adlus was strong, unsurprisingly…


“Hey, Asagi. I think you should just tell her.”

“Yes. How do you really feel?”

“Right… Well, I’m…sorry…”


I had been in a bit of a daze, but the words shook me out of it.


“I suppose by apologizing, you mean I’ve been rejected…”

“Uh, yeah. Sorry. I really love Daniela… There can be nothing between us, Manager.”


Well, that wasn’t so hard. You just needed to get the first word out.


“Manager. I’m sure you had a rough time out here, living alone. It wasn’t fun for me either. I had to fight monsters I’d never seen before with weapons I’d never held… And I had no special magic. The people didn’t think much of me and I was constantly ridiculed… It was then that someone helped me. Daniela.”


I still had the clearest memories of that first day we met.


“We’ve been traveling together ever since. Once, I nearly lost myself after killing monsters. And she helped me. I’ve never stopped loving her since then.”

“…I see. So you had it hard as well. I feel ashamed…for being so selfish…”

“You shouldn’t. You helped me a lot. I know that I owe you a debt.”


She slowly looked up. Her expression was no longer depressed and it was as if a cloud had lifted.


“…Thank you. It means a lot to hear you say that.”


“Besides, I’m half convinced it was a temporary thing. I had nothing to hang onto, and then there you appeared. A person from my world. I was excited and convinced myself that I liked you.”

“Uh, there are actually others…”



That’s strange. If she passed through Lambrusen, she should have heard about Matsumoto… And so I told her about the Hero who had come from Japan.

But I didn’t bring up Rachel. It was complicated and I didn’t even know where she was. Still, I would tell her eventually.


“Huh… Yes, I think I’d prefer the younger one anyway.”


“Haha. I’m kidding. Ah, Miss Daniela.”


“Forgive me for what I said earlier. It was very selfish of me.”

“I will not hold it against you. Besides, this is not the first time. And you can just call me Daniela. Can I call you Rindo?”

“Why, of course. Daniela.”


They shook hands. Well, that was a relief. You might say that everything had worked out well in the end… Fiona had been a lot more emotional, perhaps due to her age. As for me, my feelings for Daniela had grown stronger. I could not be shaken.


“So, something like this has happened before? Mind telling me about it?”


In any case, the danger had passed. Heinrich returned, covered in sweat, while Adlus walked back with the same cool expression. Bandi and Levee were now fighting on the stage.

I had meant to study Adlus’s fight, but the unexpected incident had made me miss it… Perhaps Daniela had caught it all. I would have to ask her about it later…

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  1. No incoming shuraba it seems. Rindo maybe should give up on Matsumoto too. Doesn’t he have a harem? I don’t remember but Rindo probably would be OK with that.

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