Jack of all Trades – 252


I would smack down, sweep to the side, swing up. With martial arts incorporated into the attacks, Adlus was overwhelmed. The opponent with the sword was suddenly fighting with a spear.

Eventually, he was unable to keep up. That’s when I unleashed a sharp kick and then slammed the butt end of the spear into his face.





A trail of blood stretched out as he slid across the stage and fell. I tightened my grip, exhaled and calmed my breathing. The crowds were going wild. It was unlikely that Adlus had been pushed this far before.

Now, if only he would go unconscious, the fight would be over…




I was not so lucky. While he was shaky, he managed to get back on his feet. He was using his sword as a cain. And while the legs had enough strength yet to stand, I doubted he had the energy to swing his sword. However, there was a strength in his eyes as he glared at me.


“Not to you…no…never…”

“You don’t have a choice. In your state…”



He gripped the sword tightly and stabbed it into the ground.




He roared. And with that, his blue energy increased like an explosion. The body of magic pushed towards me as a giant tsunami. It was enough water to cover the entire stage. I couldn’t just run away. Adlus had clearly forgotten himself in his anger. He was not holding back. It would affect our surroundings…


“Adlus! Stop!!”



He would not be persuaded… I stole a glance towards the special spectator seats. The Emperor didn’t move. He just stared at me silently.




What was I supposed to do… When I looked back, I saw that the water was rising faster and faster. He had something even stronger than what was supposed to be his trump card…

Perhaps he felt he had to use it in spite of so many people watching. Of course, he must have had his reasons.

Well, I guess I should return the favor. I would expose a secret that allowed me to survive in this world in spite of being weak.


I jumped back to where the demon armor sword was and allowed the ice spear to disperse. Ice energy now flowed throughout my entire body. As if in reply, the ice dragon armor began to shine brightly. The enchantment gave an added ice attribute boost, enhancing my ice magic. It was then concentrated within both of my hands where they took the forms of swords. Double-edged blades. The blades were about a meter and a half in length. The hilts were fifty centimeters. That was a bit long, but I wasn’t going to be carrying them anyway. I was going to fire them.




What came out was an elaborately decorated greatsword that was clear and made of ice. The detailed engravings caught the sunlight and caused the surface to sparkle.

This was my trump card. The audience watched with bated breath. I wished they wouldn’t…




Adlus must have felt the threat of my magic, as he set a tsunami on me. While it wasn’t that fast, it seemed like a wall of water. And it was moving towards me. And as I had no choice but to stop it, I would have to show one of my trump cards.

With the Niflheim blades floating in the air above me, I carried the demon armor sword and an ice sword in my hands. Then I activated Legs of the God Wolf. Platinum and green wind swirled around my legs as I ran up into the air. The oncoming waves were intimidating, but I had no choice but to face it. The spectators behind me would be in danger. If only we were in some level, empty land…

The unleashing of the three swords was how I had killed the Loup-garou. I would freeze my target and then cut it into pieces.


“You! You’re going to have a lot to answer for when this is over!!”



Adlus just roared back. The amassed wind pressure allowed me to accelerate all at once. I moved to the tsunami and swung my sword. The Niflheim blades shot out and froze the tsunami in a flash. At the same time, I swung the two swords in my hands, cutting an ‘X’ through the ice.


“Kamiyashiro-style: Final Frost Triple Threat!!”


Normally, I would have thrust my swords into the target. After all, the name came from the fact that I’d break a bloody ice statue. Of course, there was no point in doing that to a normal block of ice.


Niflheim and the ice swords shattered. I held the remaining demon armor sword on my shoulder as I watched the four pieces fall apart and shatter.


Adlus’s final act had been in vain. He looked up at me. Stunned. There was nothing left for him to do.


A moment later, the battle was over. Of course, I had won based on my performance.

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  1. I just binge read this whole new novel and finally caught up to the latest chapter and I must say it couldn’t be more satisfying! Thanks for the chapter!

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